Nature Inc. is an IoT start-up fostering sustainable coexistence between nature and technology with a vision to accelerate the shift toward clean energy using IoT products. The Nature Remo - the first step towards that vision - is a smart home device that connects home appliances like AC, lighting, and TV among others. The devices uniquely communicate with voice while automating the usage of home appliances connected through a variety of sensors, including temperature, humidity, motion and light sensors. Nature Inc. was incubated at Harvard University and is currently located in Tokyo, Japan. The company is a proud partner of market leaders like Google, Amazon and Q-Cells among others.

Meet the Nature Remo 3, a Device that Automates and Personalises your AC and other home appliances

Using intelligent sensors and a connected smartphone app, the Nature Remo 3 from Nature Inc. is a seamless solution to upgrade and make your air conditioner and other home appliances smart.... more

Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 - Nature Inc.

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