Friday, April 24th, 2009

Dressed in Possum-skin cloaks, Kaurna People declared their Sovereignty at the South Australian Government House Open Day. With solemn dignity, they handed His Excellency the Governor of SA an account for 47.5 million for 130 years of rent on Marble Hill, the former SA Governors' summer vice-regal residency.

Governor Kevin Scarce accepted the speech titled, "I have come!" and is believed to have passed the speech on to the Premier of South Australia. The account details include that the SA Government has 90 days to pay for the start of Conciliation as opposed to Reconciiation, as proposed by the Government over a year ago.

The speech written by Samuel Rossi, a white fella and friend of ex President Ernie Mckenna of the Friends of Marble Hill, stated, "It is time that us White Fellows acknowledge that we can not have reconciliation where there was no conciliation to start!", as stated by Georgina Williams, the true and original Ngangkiburka, a name that was given to her in dreaming and now used with out authority by white fellas. Respect is what we are talking about here and it a time of bigger things to come. The speech also expressed the Native Title Claim to Warriparinga Living Kaurna Cultural Center and a lot that is under control by the ILUA that needs to be returned under the South Australia Letters Patent 1836.

"I can not invite you on the land as you did not ask in the first place!" said Georgina Williams at the Kingston Community Cabinet in 2008 "and now we are claiming Sovereignty as of today 29th of March 2009. I am also not just asking the Kaurna Nation and People but all Aboriginal Nations to begin the process of Sovereign Declaration! It is a great day in our history when we see two young men stand here beside us and truly believe that we have the given rights to truly be a Sovereign People with the rights of the Traditional Custodianship on the land. Today, I have come and invite others to come before the land and start the process of healing of almost wiped out 50,000 years of history. We did not come to this land we are from the land and we are taking back our Traditional Custodian rights and sending out a message as a Sovereign People, payment and respect is due!"

Below is the speech given to the Governor on 29th March 2009 SA Government House Open Day: photographs are available on request.

To The Queen of England, Governor General of Australia, Governor of South Australia and South Australian Premier

Today, I have come to state our people’s culture that dates back over 50,000 years, is now reaching full circle on this land. We must accept the position as Traditional Custodians so that our Nation survives and flourishes, with our conciliation in which the European Invaders took by possession of the land and removed forcibly over 50,000 years of culture and tradition by calling us NATIVE FAUNA. It is only now in the 21st century that our Rights as Traditional Custodians are recognized by forward thinking Australians who cry out to stop the raping and pillaging of our land for profit by what are mainly multinational consortia, only interested it seems in their own wealth and Greed.

Today, I have come, no longer as a conquered and subjugated, subject people we are taking our birthright back! We are moving forward in a world that no longer truly accepts us for who we are as a people. Where you came in force, today I have come in peace for all men and women in Australia. Today marks a chapter in our life where we are moving toward conciliation. We seek conciliation due to the fact we could not reconcile with a nation or law that did not even recognize us as a people. We say conciliation in order to start the healing process and give the white man the chance to reflect on all the atrocities that have gone largely unnoticed by the Australians and the world.

Today, I have come not with spears or weapons of mass destruction we come here with words and silent action, written on paper to you people of the papers. We come here to demand what rightfully belongs to First Australians. Just like the First Nations of America and Canada and the Nations of South Africa, it is time to co-exist with the conquerors of our lands. It is time to bring about true and honest conciliation and work towards a bright and common ground.

Today, I have come taking back the land that over 50 000 years ago was given to us as Traditional Custodians and care takers by our spirit ancestors in the Munaintja (Dreaming) when all things began for us. We do this by acknowledging our rights as a Sovereign people. Not a people conquered by invaders but Sovereign people who have the right to self Governance under their own cultural powers and rights. The land that we stand on is not Crown dominated land but land that belongs to a people whose culture dates back past early recorded time and is told on the winds of song and winds of the land singing from a country with deep listening and deeper Munaintja (dreaming).

Today, I have come as it is time to move forward. To do this we are utilizing the same laws that have bound us and kept us from freely enjoying the land that is rightfully ours as a Sovereign Nation. We stand here legally and lawfully, to present you with a bill that allows us all to coexist but at the same time, Honors us as a Sovereign Nation and Cultural people. As a Sovereign People, we are above the WHITE MAN'S laws that constrain us but at the same time gather here today to bill you for the right to use the land that we call home.

Today, I have come to you for all the years of our oppression when all you had to do is ask to freely travel and share the riches of the land. Today we bill you as a starting point but we make a larger statement. We are a Sovereign People and thus have the rights as a free people to charge you for all the years that you took away our Natural Freedom.

Today, we have come and start by re-establishing our Native Title Claim over two areas of land that start the meaning for us as a Sovereign People. We are taking back not Native Title but our Sovereign Claim to the lands known as Marble Hill (your former Summer Vice Regal Residence) and the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre.

Today we have come for Marble Hill, we are billing you for over 130 years of usage and building on a land for which no permission was granted by its Sovereign People. We are billing you for the rights that were taken away from us as a Sovereign People when this land was declared terra nullius. You destroyed our culture, you have benefited from our culture, when you could not even look at us as equals, now from today, but unlike you we are treating you as equals.

Today, we have come to reclaim Living Kaurna Cultural Centre as a land that rightfully belongs to us as a people and we are acting on our Sovereign Rights to take the land back. We seek to reconcile with Marion Council and are willing to work with them to co-exist but make no mistake, we are the Sovereign People who have the rights and traditional title to the lands of the Living Kaurna Cultural Central. We are going to take possession and make the land free for people to come and experience the true nature of our land.

Today, I have come as NGANGKI-BURKA. A name that was given to me by my ancestors, I am a free spirit on the land and I have been bringing together all Kaurna peoples of our Nation. I am a spirit that was touched by the Tjilbruke Kaurna ancestral being, I am a spirit that is tired of all the infighting of our people and call for a cleansing fire to help our own people reconcile. I am a spirit that flows freely from Sister to Sister, Brother to Brother, Clan to Clan and is cross generational. To be recognized as our spiritual practice and religious observance.

Today, I have come to rightfully billing the white man through his laws to start the process of rebuilding a new future.

Today, we have come to the Grounds of the South Australian Governor, Government House, I am sending a message for all First Australians to Stand up for their Sovereign Rights and rebuild in culture and pride, what invaders tried to take away from us, our over 50 000 years of history.

Today, I have come as a survivor to say to all South Australians, “We are a Sovereign People who have been here for over those 50 000 years. Our Sovereignty is outside any laws that have been conceived by THE White Man’s laws for our oppression!

Europeans have massacred our Culture and ourselves by their ignorance, kept us oppressed since their arrival. It is time for Natural Justice to be omnipotent, thus, we assert our right over the land that belongs to its First People!”

Today, I have come on behalf of my people Governor, whether you are here or not, I give you our bill for $47.5 Million for 130 years of non payment of rent for a land that belongs to our Sovereign Nation.


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Concilliation not Reconciliation. Kaurna Declare Sovereignty at Government House.



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