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Victoria has edged past Western Australia for the cheapest solar on a cost per watt installed basis – for all system sizes and after subsidies – in the SolarQuotes Australian Solar Price Index for June 2022.

“WA is usually the cheapest overall, but this is the second time in 2022 we’ve seen Victoria wear the crown,” SolarQuotes Founder Finn Peacock said. “Of all the states and territories for which we had sufficient data, Victoria also saw the biggest price drop over the previous month – down a substantial 18c a watt."


“Our data shows solar power systems were a little cheaper in Australia overall in June 2022, but what seemed to be driving the huge spike in enquiries about solar and requests for quotes from our pre-vetted vendors was electricity price rises.”

The SQ Australian Solar Systems Interest Index (auSSII) shows 26% of those using the SQ quote service in June expressed a desire to purchase a system immediately.

“There was also a significant bump up in solar battery interest in June, with just under 22% of prospective buyers indicating a desire to have panels and a home battery installed at the same time.”

Cost Per Watt Nationally

The following graph indicates average cost-per-watt across all system sizes nationally going back to July 2020.


Cost per watt in June 2022 was still well up on June last year, but equal lowest since December 2021.

6.6kW Solar System Prices – June 2022

The graph below shows average pricing nationally for 6.6kW systems. June’s average was $6,100, down on May’s $6,293.


“Prospective buyers might look at 2021 pricing with envy, but rooftop PV continues to be a very good investment with rapid payback in most cases,” Finn says. “Households can get a pretty good estimate on savings and payback in their own circumstances using SQ’s solar calculator."

EDITOR’S NOTE: You’ll be able to get a sneak peek at how prices tracked during July early in August using the SolarQuotes Australian Solar Price Index, which generates historical solar pricing in each state and nationally, along with filters for creating reports on various system capacities and components. The tool generates figures in real-time as new reviews are submitted, so the results you’ll see are dynamic and subject to change.

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