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A good Samaritan brought a 12 week old abandoned kitten she had found into Cat Haven on Saturday 18th June. The kitten was found uncontained in the women’s toilets of a Girrawheen Shopping Centre. 

Cat Haven staff, who often face many confronting situations, were deeply shocked by the condition of the kitten, who they named Banksy. Apart from being covered in his own faeces, his left eyeball was badly ruptured.

According to Cat Haven’s veterinarians, there could have been two causes. This could either have been the result of a traumatic wound to the eye such as a stick injury, or an untreated virus such as herpes. While the cause was unknown, there was no doubt about the fact that the kitten was suffering greatly.

Cat Haven’s vet team tried hard to save Banksy but, despite their best efforts, he died on the surgery table from a mucus and fluid build-up in his lungs. Cat Haven’s CEO Roz Robinson said it was a devastating outcome for staff, whose resilience has been tested more than ever during the last two years.

Whilst looking after pets has been proven to have a significant positive impact upon mental health and well-being such as: providing companionship; reducing anxiety; adding structure and routine to your day; and providing sensory stress relief, by contrast, mistreating pets has a huge negative impact upon mental health, not the least of which is its impact upon those that find them.

Ms Robinson said that staff are the forgotten victims in cases like this, especially with regards to the effect it has on their mental health. How many people have to confront this in their normal workplace she said? They are impacted not only by the welfare state of the kitten, but also the callous way it was dumped. Staff have been offered our counselling service, but it should never have happened in the first place.

Ms Robinson is asking if anyone is aware of how this kitten came to be left there, to come forward. There may be others in the same litter which are sick but we might be able to save she said. 

Cat Haven relies on raising 98% of its own operating costs to save cats like Banksy. If you’d like to help, you can donate funds here so Cat Haven can afford to keep their services going to help the cats in need.


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