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While we are all too familiar with communicating with businesses via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and a multitude of diverse platforms, many people still turn to their phone as a means to connect with a company. With a new generation of young millennials entering this job market, brushing up on telephone skills - which might not be something they are accustomed to - might just give you the edge over competitors. 

Ava Lucanus, the founder of Edge Communication, shares some tips on how companies can brush up on their telephone skills. For example: Treat every phone conversation as a marketing/branding activity. Now that’s an interesting approach! Ava stresses the importance of identifying with your caller and adapting each conversation to the unique individual on the other side of the line. 

With the company's Telephone Skills Training Program, Edge Communication helps your team to refine their professional telephone skills and emphasises how crucial first impressions are. This very popular training program will help you to bring out the best in your people and help them understand the benefits of excellent telephone skills to both your business and themselves. 

Drawing upon four decades of knowledge and experience, Ava has spent many years training and coaching businesses Australia-wide to optimise their customer relationships. The company customises its Telephone Skills Training programs to your industry or business while considering your specific needs and budget. They even offer the training virtually, so you don't even have to be in Australia! Read more on the program. 

With more effective communication skills you can build better customer relationships, boost sales, and elevate your reputation. Contact Edge Communication for customised Telephone Skills Training for your organisation.


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Ava Lucanus takes a proven, practical and refreshing approach to help organisations create exceptional customer experiences that align with their brand promise. Drawing upon four decades of knowledge and experience, Ava works with companies across Australia and is recognised as an authority in her field. Through her company, Edge Communication, she provides consulting, training and coaching programs for every level within the business.

Ava Lucanus
M: 0412135855
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Edge Communication tackles the topic of how yesterday's proven methods are still relevant in today's technologically driven world




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