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ACSIS Technologies Pty Ltd has partnered with Wolken group with offices in Palo Alto, USA and Bangalore, India. Wolken group was incorporated in 2011.

Wolken group’s driving force is to help all organizations streamline their relationships and contacts with customers and employees with out-of-the-box, configurable and scalable enterprise-class service desk solutions, deployed either on-premise or cloud-based services.


ACSIS was established in 2002 and is a leading software solutions and IT consulting company with a regional footprint. Acsis is dedicated to providing positive customer experiences, fully satisfying their requirements and helping our partners to minimise cost and increase ROI through our digital solutions which include field service applications, mobility, autoExpress dealer management solutions, visual analytics, ERP, integration and custom specific applications. The company motto is the customer comes first before profit. We are best known for our customer centric solution delivery approach.


Under the terms of the partnership, Wolken & ACSIS have agreed that ACSIS will represent Wolken in the APAC region. The management team’s of Wolken and ACSIS have a history of working together in other parts of the world and being instrumental in defining the contours of version 1.0 of the current product. In the APAC region ACSIS technologies will be the distribution channel for Wolken’s suite of software products. Acsis will be conducting a marketing campaign to inform all APAC users of this vibrant product. This product will suit mid to large entities and may also suit smaller operations with high customer help desk calls. The Wolken’s suite of products are Enterprise level and Care to the SMB and Enterprise markets.

A brief description on the product offering:

Enterprise version of Wolken Software’s ServiceDesk include Customer ServiceDesk, ITSM and HR Case Management.

Wolken Care is a self-service product curated for customer service excellence. The product comes loaded with features like omnichannel support, knowledge base, reports and analytics, surveys, and a lot more to help businesses with their customer service strategies.

Commenting on the partnership, Rohan Joshi, Co-founder and CEO and Sudhir Prabhu Co-founder and CTO, said, “Wonderful to enter a new geography through ACSIS. They helped define version 1.0 of Wolken ITSM. It’s now a privilege to be commercially associated with ACSIS to partner our latest Enterprise solutions as well as Self Service solutions in Customer Service and ITSM. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”
Expressing his views on the newly developed association, Rao Peddada, Director – New Business from ACSIS said, “The demand in the APAC market is in exponentially growing with opportunities but there are issues in finding the right solution for business drivers. Wolken has the answer! Wolken has the tools to provide our customers, current and potential, with a total service solution.”
Wolken prides itself on providing their customer with a support parallel to none and have charged Acsis to do the same as part of our partnership.


Summary of Wolken offering.. 

Set out to help modern organizations transform their relationships with customers and employees with out-of-the-box, configurable and scalable enterprise-class service desk solutions deployed on the cloud or on-premise. Wolken provides a suite of AI-enabled, SaaS 2.0 self-service customer service solutions for Customer Service and Enterprise Solutions namely Wolken Customer Service Desk (CSM), Wolken IT Service Management (ITSM), Wolken HR Case Management and Wolken Quality Case Management. Wolken caters to 30 plus customers from the banking and financial services, the semiconductor, software, consumer goods, electronic component industries and has grown to add Fortune 100 companies to its clientele in the US, Europe and Asian markets and supports over 7000 agents serving over 50M active end-users in 60 countries, processing over 7M tickets annually.

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