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June 6, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: PamperClub, is a free app which offers customers exclusive deals on last-minute pamper, health & fitness appointments & sessions, and is providing an innovative new solution for salons and studios, in the wake of the Covid pandemic.


The app, which allows customers to search for deals in their area, as well as the ability to favourite their choice of business for automatic alerts, is solving the issue of lost revenue due to cancellations while also offering consumers access to last-minute appointments which would otherwise be unfilled.


“Service-based businesses are currently dealing with an unprecedented surge in last-minute cancellations and re-scheduled appointments,” explained PamperClub founder Tracey Collins, an issue which the salon owner experienced first-hand.


“Customers who cancel due to covid are usually exempt from the usual cancellation policies and this has created a huge issue for the service-based industries in the past two years,” she said.


“I was initially using social media such as Facebook to post last minute deals, and had some success, but I felt there was a need for an easier way for business and customers to connect without the hassle of creating content and navigating the numerous social platforms.”


The app, which is 100% FREE for both consumers and businesses and is available on IOS via the app store and Android via Google Play, has already amassed a nationwide database of beauty, hair, nail, pamper clinics, health & wellness studios, which are able to upload last-minute deals on the app.  Customers who have “favourited” a business will be automatically email notified of uploaded deals within minutes, or they can easily search the “deals" section of the app daily.


“The app is extremely easy to use & navigate, the fields are created for the businesses, so the hard work is done for them, “ Collins explained.


PamperClub App registered service-based businesses provides an added opportunity to advertise and grow their clientele.


The PamperClub app model has already attracted a strong contingent of salons, spas, clinics & studios around the country, with plans to grow the business model to include major chains in the coming months.


“Service industry business owners want something they can implement immediately and reach an existing and potential consumer now. The PamperClub App is the answer to their needs, “Collins said.


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PamperClub offers daily exclusive last-minute deals at Australia's best Health, Beauty, Hair & Wellness clinics.

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