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In need of some brand new skincare products? Jericho Skincare has got you covered, with an array of men’s products that help keep the skin looking fresh and revitalized every day. With each of their natural skincare products containing all ingredients such as natural oils, moisture from plants, and minerals from the dead sea - their products will have you feeling more confident in your skin than ever. This is what makes Jericho different from their competitors, is that the key ingredient in their products is the incorporation of the aforementioned dead sea minerals; found to have endless skin benefits.

The Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals 

The Dead Sea has been around for thousands of years. It has been called "the world’s healthiest body of water." The reason for this is that it contains high levels of magnesium and calcium that have been proven to be beneficial to human health. The Dead Sea is rich in minerals and salts, which are used for many purposes including skin care, cosmetics, and food preservation.

The Dead Sea also contains very low levels of salt, making it a popular destination for those with skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis. The Dead Sea also helps with inflammation by reducing swelling in the joints or muscles. 

The Dead Sea's water is brackish and contains high levels of minerals and salts. The dense concentration of minerals in the water reputedly gives the skin a "fountain-like glow."

The dead sea water contains 21 minerals, 12 specifically can only be found in the dead sea and more than half of the minerals are essential to our bodies. Below are just a few of the conditions that it helps with; 

  • Helps clear up skin scarring.
  • Help with eczema and dermatitis.
  • Restores moisture in the skin.
  • Prevents bacterial infections.
  • Can improve blood circulation and speed up the process of the skin’s renewal, plus much more!

Complete your Skincare routine with Jericho Men Products

Jericho skincare has a comprehensive line of skincare products for men, all of which have been designed for effectiveness, and ease of use. In order to make the most out of the Jericho Men’s line, we suggest the following routine!

Start off by applying JM Foaming Facial Cleanser for an instant radiant glow containing vitamin C and chamiolie extra to soothe the skin. Then go ahead and apply the JM Cooling Aftershave Balm which is being enriched with anti-ageing properties, plus Aloe vera and menthol to soothe the skin after razor contact. Then applying the JM Facial Serum For Men maintains skin moisture with plant extracts and antioxidants like Vitamins A&E helps reduce signs of ageing. Finnish the routine off with the JM Eye Gel for men that helps brighten and reduce the signs of tiredness and wrinkles. 

Try following the above steps and you are bound to see an improvement in your complexion - making you look more youthful and radiant!

About Jericho Skincare

Jericho Skincare established in 1982 offers premium skincare products for both men and women of all skin types. Jericho Skincare prides itself on premium, natural products which contain Dead Sea minerals which are proven to have significant benefits for the skin. With their over 40 years of experience in the skincare industry, they have formulated a myriad of products that work for all skin types. 

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Jericho skincare provides high-quality and luxury skincare products made from Dead Sea minerals. Read all about Jericho Men’s products in the press release now!



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