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Tradie Avant Garde podcast is a forum for exchanging ideas around the tradie industry. It supports tradies in simplifying their business structures, growing revenue, networking, learning, and better utilising technology to drive their business forward. John and Ashley, co-founders of the podcast, interview Lynton May to gain some useful insights into the plumbing trade and estimating that he has picked up over the years.

Due to their innovative approach to plumbing estimation, ePlumbing Estimators founder Lynton was invited onto the podcast. Thanks to the latest powerful plumbing estimating software like GroundPlan, ProContractor and simPRO, Lynton and his team can help you streamline estimating your plumbing project for maximum efficiency and high levels of accuracy that inevitably save costs. 

But most success stories come with a history. Lynton’s story takes one back to the early 80s when he started his apprenticeship at the tender age of 15. This was back in the day when many building companies had all their own staff - carpenters, plumbers and tilers were all on their books. Today this trade revolves around subcontracting.

The struggle to remain competitive forced the company that Lynton worked for into subcontracting their trade staff, and Lynton saw an opportunity. He bought his own van and started to price work for other builders as well. He worked for quite a few different plumbing companies in an estimating role that he enjoyed. Lynton was always interested in technology and invested in his first computer and estimating program, an old DOS version back in the mid-80s still using floppy disks! If you don’t know that term, you were probably born after the 90s.  

On the podcast, Lynton shares some of the tips and tricks of being a good estimator and how his business, ePlumbing Estimators, helps to simplify the work of estimating for tradies. Their advanced estimation tools allow tradies to precalculate material, labour, and equipment costs with accuracy every time. These are only a few of the reasons why you need a professional plumbing estimator

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Their powerful plumbing estimating software and their knowledgeable team can help you make accurate cost calculations, save you time, be more profitable and competitive, but most importantly, help you to win the job!

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Sydney based ePlumbing Estimators featured on the Innovative Tradies Club’s Avant-Garde podcast




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