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Building on its expertise in delivering exceptional experiences through software, Lexicon (formerly Lexicon Digital) has expanded its offering to include product innovation and venture design for businesses ranging from start-ups to enterprise organisations.

Founder and Managing Director Chris Carydias says the rebrand reflects Lexicon’s increasing role in building businesses, not just software.

“The best way to explain our rebrand is that we’ve moved from delivering technology products to much broader business outcomes,” he says. 

“We’re being a lot more intentional about product innovation. Lexicon is branching out from what was originally a tech-focused approach by orchestrating our delivery and design capability in a unique way. Today, we’re working with clients ranging from early-stage founders to corporate innovators of every type.”

Lexicon’s rebranded offering can be summarised in three pillars:

1. Co-creating new digital businesses to bring brilliant ideas and experiences to life.

2. Accelerating the transformation of existing experiences, products or platforms within established businesses to unlock value and build the foundation to scale.

3. Ventures: investing and building digital start-ups and scale-ups with global reach.

Who does Lexicon work with?

Carydias says there are typically three types of clients that Lexicon partners with.

“First, there are innovators working in large organisations – they’ve got an idea and are building a case to modernise their business and open up new markets. Then there are business and technology leaders who are looking to accelerate growth through the transformation of their existing products, platforms and experiences.

“Finally, there are early-stage founders looking for a partner to act as a venture-builder throughout their journey from idea to digital scale-up.”

Early-stage strategic development 

Shelley Beeston, Head of Lexicon Venture Studio, says the organisation is branching out from execution to early-stage strategic work.

“We help create your digital advantage. If you’re an existing enterprise, we do this by helping you re-platform and open new markets, but we also build digital futures for new businesses by making ideas happen.

“Lexicon has always been associated with results through predictable execution of working software. Now we’re offering strategy in action. This means identifying the right product to work on, then de-risking it through early-stage strategic work and experimentation to validate concepts fast.”

Lexicon’s Venture Studio takes the power of its co-create approach and couples it with a commercial construct. “We provide the funding, strategy and building expertise with the passion and drive of start ups,” explains Beeston. “We essentially become the founding team and are jointly responsible for the operations and success of the new venture.”

Building capability

Beeston says Lexicon is hiring a different shape of person. “Alongside our core group of software engineers, technical leads and delivery experts, we are increasingly hiring product leaders and venture builders who are able to shape propositions.”

We’re hiring right now. “If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur and looking to change the world through software, contact Lexicon,” urges Beeston

Carydias adds that the rebrand and launch of venture studios has the added benefit of providing the existing consulting team with opportunities in product innovation and startups.

“When our people jump from product innovation to consulting in the enterprise, they can speak from experience rather than working predominantly from a playbook. Now, they all have war stories.”

Learn more

Whether you’re a technology leader, corporate innovator or an early-stage founder, be sure to visit our new website for more details about how we create your digital advantage.


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