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BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Training and Mentoring Project are delighted to be announced as the recipients of an Australian Business Enterprise Centre (ABEC) $100k grant to assist West Australian women in business.  The BPW Women in Business Project will be launched May 25th 2022 by ABEC Board Member Don Newman during the launch event of the 29th Belmont & Western Australian Small Business Awards.


Often starting their business from grass roots level, women within the small business sector attempt to grow their business without gaining or understanding proper business management, financial statements, or supply capacity. Knowing that one out of every eight residential houses is hosting a home-based business; women in this situation often, together with trying to run a business, also hold a major role in household management and family responsibilities. This project hopes to build a resilient community of women to be successful in business and to be role models to those around them.


Belmont Business Enterprise Centre Inc. (Belmont BEC) and global research highlights that confidence and self-esteem restricts women in their business potential, so the BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Training & Mentoring Project will provide free access via online and/or face to face mentoring, webinars, workshops and networking for small business support, mentoring, training, networking, and empowerment to women to start or improve their own small business.


The project aims to support 250 women with up to six hours of support over a period of 18 months through a range of business skills development topics, with a major focus on ‘confidential’ mentoring and coaching with skilled business advisors and mentors to overcome issues the women may be facing that could be holding them back in growing or starting their business or concerns they are facing. The project will address issues of lack of business skills, access to funding, business planning, supply chains, covid-19 issues, work/life balance and/or other issues to be discussed in a confidential one/one situation.


Presented by Mel Congerton, Chairman of ABEC, as part of their $1.5 million dollar community funding round; the grant will allow BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Training & Mentoring Project to greatly contribute towards addressing a gap in business skills among women entrepreneurs and positively contribute towards a stronger community.


BPW Business Incubator Women in Business Training & Mentoring Project will be conducted by Belmont BEC and is supported by the Australian Federation of Business & Professional Women Western Australia (BPW WA) who operated in WA for over 70yrs. 


BPW Project Registration www.bpwbusinessincubator.com/bec

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