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Shenton Park’s Cat Haven has been inundated with owners needing to surrender their cats due to being unable to find affordable rental accommodation which will allow cats as well as the increased costs of feeding them. Cat Haven’s spokesperson, Amber Ashford, said the charity was booked with surrenders until almost mid-June. She said staff faced the trauma daily of having to see cats, which to many of the owners are like family members, brought into the shelter because the owner had to make the decision to either feed their cat, their children or themselves.

We see heartbreaking scenarios played out every day Amber said. It is especially distressing when an old cat is brought in and is at a loss as to what is happening to it. But she also said that these are the lucky ones who are brought to Cat Haven, where they get a second chance of a loving home. Our Cat Rescue Officer, Veronica, went out on a job last week to a property where a large number of cats had been abandoned. The cats were so hungry, they climbed into the Cat Haven van scavenging to get just one meal (photo attached).

We ask that landlords please consider allowing cats when they sign up a new tenant, to allow them to keep their cat, their family member. If you could see the distress to both the owner and cat, we are sure you would reconsider the decision to not allow pets in your property.

This current situation is also pushing our finances to the limit, as we have to raise 98% of our operating costs and at this time of year we don’t usually have this influx of cats coming through our doors needing new homes. If you can donate towards the care of these cats please do so here.

How you can help:

  • Adopt a cat or kitten
  • Foster a cat or kitten
  • Share this story with your friends, family or co-workers who own a rental property
  • Donate funds here so Cat Haven can afford to keep their services going to help the cats in need


Appointments for adoptions are preferred and can be made here. Visit Cat Haven’s website or Facebook page to read further about what they do to help these cats.



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