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Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that following an international market assessment to understand best-in-class capability across both Trade Promotion Management ("TPM") and Trade Promotion Optimisation ("TPO") software vendors, Kellogg's Australia has partnered with Complexica for end-to-end TPM and TPO software. The project scoping connected with the TPM and TPO software commenced last month with the scoping of Complexica’s Promotional Campaign Manager (“PCM”) – which is a module of the Decision Cloud® artificial intelligence platform - across all Kellogg’s Australia channels and customer groups across Australia and New Zealand.

“Kellogg’s is a one of the market leaders in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, and our iconic brands are taken to market through a variety of channels, including grocery retailers and petrol and convenience outlets. This diversity adds complexity to our operations, both in how we forecast and manage our trade investments, and how we run business processes across multiple departments,” said Ben O’Brien, Director of Sales at Kellogg's Australia. “We saw the opportunity to undertake an international market assessment and what we discovered was a lack of robust TPM solutions in the marketplace that also provided sophisticated TPO functionality, and that’s the reason we have chosen to work with Complexica.”

“Optimising promotional plans with the right mix of products, discounts, and frequencies to drive volume and margin growth is a complicated task, which requires considerable expertise and effort," said Leonardo Arantes, Complexica’s Director of Business Development. "Add to that the desire to deploy a single software system capable of enabling departments such as Revenue Management, Account Management, Field Sales, Commercial Finance, and Accounts Payable to carry out its own, individual workflow, and you can begin to understand the complexity of Kellogg’s Australia TPM-TPO market assessment. Complexica has made significant investments into our (PCM) module over the years to enable full end-to-end TPM and TPO functionality, enabling real time analytics and management of all trade spend investments, including contracts across all channels."

“We are excited to have started the scoping for the Decision Cloud® artificial intelligence platform,” said Doug Misener, Complexica’s Director of FMCG, "and look forward to working together with Kellogg’s Australia to potentially unlock improved marketplace outcomes in the years ahead with PCM enabling users to automate processes and make the right decision at the right time."

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Complexica is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software applications that can optimise sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions, particularly for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers characterised by a large SKU range and long tail of customers.  We were founded upon the research of several world-renowned computer scientists, and have commercialised an award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform called Larry, the Digital Analyst® which powers our enterprise software applicationsFor more information about Complexica, please visit:

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