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  • Propelle and Valo partner to provide better digital workplaces

  • Smarter solutions for SharePoint intranet deployments

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Propelle has a simple goal; to create thriving workplaces with industry leading productivity solutions. The geographically diverse team at Propelle has a deep understanding of the need for a centralised digital environment for communication and collaboration. Propelle aims to simplify business processes, and help people focus on doing what they do best.

As part of this overarching strategy, Propelle is proud to announce their partnership with Valo, leaders in the communication and intranet space. This partnership will enable Propelle to accelerate the implementation of digital workplaces and intranets across their existing and new clients, making for more productive and inclusive hubs for collaboration. Leveraging Valo products, Propelle will be able to support intranet solutions for any industry.

“We are very excited to work with Propelle. We believe the combination of the Valo experience and Propelle’s commitment to excellent services will elevate the performance of businesses all over Australia. Microsoft 365 has a major role to play in helping employees be more productive at work, spurring innovation, enabling wellbeing, and providing training and up-skilling that’s critical for growth of any organization. With Propelle's dedication to providing supporting services to enhance the workplace experience, we're confident that as partners we will be enablers of excellence in the delivery of the modern digital workplace.” Daniel Anderson - Valo Product Manager, APAC Business Lead and Microsoft MVP 

Valo is a dedicated team of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams product experts, passionate about enhancing workplace culture and creating inclusivity. With Valo products underpinning Propelle’s expertise in SharePoint, we’re equipped to provide your organisation with a best of breed digital workplace, from conception and build, through to ongoing support.

“We are excited about our Valo partnership. It provides enhanced solutions for our clients that previously would have required extended development effort. This partnership, and the team's expertise, will allow us to provide richer Intranets. Our customers will be able to deploy and enhance user experience for their digital workplaces getting up and running, built to their specific requirements within a fraction of the time”  - Joshua Haebets, Propelle Managing Director

Get in touch with Propelle to discuss how your business will benefit from intranet or digital workplace, with an accelerated build on a robust technology platform.

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Industry-leading SharePoint intranet providers Valo partner with Propelle to create thoughtful digital workplaces




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