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Vermont Victoria, Australia — 17th March 2022 Today at the launch of CoatingMax NWK A-FV, a game changer against COVID-19 transmission is available immediately to businesses, medical facilities, hospitality venues, retail stores and offices. Using its patented ‘egg-shell’ technology to engineer nano sized, all natural disinfecting oils, CoatingMax NWK A-FV particles are small enough to bond to the pores of fabric, walls and ceilings. When coated and allowed to cure and activate, the ‘egg-shell’ particles continue releasing disinfecting oils to the surface and air with 99% and 77% virus neutralizing rate respectively. The effectiveness lasts for more than 28 days.


Positive Customer Impact

The issue with disinfecting surfaces is it lasts only until someone coughs or touches that surface, re-contaminating instantly with viruses and bacteria. CoatingMax NWK A-FV will affix to the surface and remain active on and within the airborne area continuing to effectively neutralise viruses and bacteria. This is exceptionally beneficial on walls, ceilings and fabric surfaces that often cannot be washed regularly and provide another key to COVID normality.

Product Summary

NWK A-FV surface coating with the nanotechnology to bond semi-permanently to fabric and porous surfaces like curtains, painted walls and ceilings.

Unique and differentiating features and benefits:

  1. Using nano-sized egg- shell particles, NWK A-FV contains all natural horseradish and cinnamon oils which has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses including the Feline Coronavirus
  2. Product safety tests show evidence that it is safe for human contact and is biodegradable
  3. Once allowed 2 hours to cure and activate, it will continue to neutralise surface viruses with 99% effectiveness and most importantly, neutralise airborne viruses including the Feline Coronavirus with effectiveness of over 77%
  4. Testing on the efficacy has shown that it lasts more than 4 weeks.

CoatingMax NWK A-FV can be applied as a spray or roll-on coating and has been registered with FDA as a medical device antimicrobial agent (FDA Reg. No. 10080973), safety tested as safe for contact with skin and tested under TGA and international standards to determine antiviral activity (ASTM E 1052).

Product Availability

Product is available immediately. 

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CoatingMax Pty Ltd

CoatingMax Pty Ltd specialises in nanotechnology coating solutions that manipulates matter on a near-atomic scale to produce new structures, materials and devices yielding remarkable results to protect surfaces. During these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic, CoatingMax along with our manufacturing, research and development partners in South Korea have sourced an over the counter topical solution that uses nanotechnology to engineer an all-natural, biodegradable COVID-19 surface coating disinfectant with long lasting effect.

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Using patented ‘egg-shell’ technology to create nano sized disinfecting oils neutralizes viruses and bacteria with long lasting effect.




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