Tuesday, March 1st, 2022 - Adelaide Hills Farm Services

Small acreage farmers and property owners in the Adelaide Hills now have free farming expertise in their pockets, thanks to the Adelaide Hills Farmcast. The new, monthly farming podcast features Patrick O’Driscoll and Belle Baker sharing a short list of timely jobs that lifestyle farmers could consider each month to stay on top of the demands of a small farm.

“We get many last minute requests from small acreage farmers in the hills who desperately need a fence to contain a puppy or the spraying of weeds before it rains, and it helped us realise that not everybody has generations of farming experience like we do,” explains Belle Baker.

“As much as we love being engaged to work with property owners, we actually love farming and right from the start of Adelaide Hills Farm Services, we’ve been looking for ways to share our knowledge.

“The concept of the Adelaide Hills Farmcast is similar to the series of almanac that Keith Martyn made famous many years ago.

“The old almanacs used to cover moon cycles and many other things whereas our podcast is more like a Farm Calendar.

“In each 30-minute episode, we’ll list a few key jobs that make the best use of each month and season and provide some notes on our website as a reference.

“Because agriculture is not an activity when you plant a seed one day and expect a tree tomorrow, we’re hoping that adding a little structure into the farm year will help local farmers be in the best position to make hay while the sun shines,” she says.

Patrick and Belle want the Adelaide Hills Farmcast to make a difference throughout the region.

“We’re confident that our podcast won’t just help our listeners,” says Patrick O’Driscoll.

“If our contribution to property management can raise awareness of issues throughout the Adelaide Hills, the local farming community can tackle the big issues together, like reducing the noxious weed burden and managing rabbit populations, which Belle discussed on ABC Adelaide recently with David Bevan.

“And, frankly, our team can’t be everywhere, so we’re hoping the Farmcast will spread good information, far and wide, in a way that is in harmony with local conditions and seasons.”

The Adelaide Hills Farmcast will be available through Spotify, Apple Podcasts, all podcast players, and via farmcast.com.au.



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Adelaide Hills Farm Services

Adelaide Hills Farm Services is a farm management and maintenance service servicing the Adelaide Hills Region.

It's operated by Belle Baker and Patrick (Pods) O'Driscoll, two experienced farmers now based at Littlehampton. 

Their service is based on the principle that they'll help any local farmers, whether they have a small acreage with only a single cow, horse, or handful of chickens, or a larger rural enterprise.

Their motto is: For the love of farming.

Adelaide Hills Farm Services also produces a monthly, podcast called the Adelaide Hills Farmcast. It's an audio farm calendar to help lifestyle farmers build structure into running their properties, drawn from their farming experience.

Belle Baker
P: 0429130673
W: adelaidehillsfarmservices.com.au


A new, monthly podcast will give Small acreage farmers in the Adelaide Hills bite-sized lists of farming jobs to do each month so they can run their properties as if they had an experienced farm manager on staff




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