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SMSF Loans Co is a trusted SMSF company with offices in Melbourne & Adelaide. Staying true to their name, they’ll help you through the entire lifecycle of your SMSF or self-managed super fund. Their services include a low-fee, flat-rate SMSF setup.

There’s No Room for Error in SMSF Setup

If you’re striving for a financial boost this 2022, managing your superannuation fund can be a good start. It offers greater control of your retirement savings; you can invest your fund in assets that best suit your situation while taking advantage of tax benefits. But keep in mind that switching from an industry fund to SMSF may come with a few risks. 

The entire superannuation sector is highly regulated, so there’s no room for error when you want to set up your super fund. That’s not to mention that this single financial move involves a large portion of your life savings. Getting it right from the outset is a must.

SMSF Loans Co Helps Uncomplicate the SMSF Setup Process

SMSF Loans Co offers a systematic process to help set your SMSF up for success. Their setup service starts with a consultation. They’ll look at the feasibility of an SMSF for your retirement savings, making sure setting one up is the right option for you. 




After the feasibility analysis, SMSF Loans Co will ensure the fund setup will match your financial goals. Their team will also make sure your SMSF is legally sound from the onset. Count on them to help establish your fund compliantly, making it eligible to receive contributions and tax concessions while keeping super fund administration easy. 

You can leave the entire SMSF setup process in the capable hands of SMSF Loans Co. They will take care of everything, including the following:

  • Trustee structure
  • Trust deed
  • ATO application
  • Tax file number and ABN registration

More importantly, SMSF Loans Co will handle the setup process at a low, flat service rate. And you can continue leaning on them if you need help with the next stage of your SMSF’s lifecycle—whether it’s SMSF investment strategy, SMSF loans or SMSF insurance.

About SMSF Loans Co

SMSF Loans Co is a team of self-managed super fund professionals from the finance, tax, legal and accounting industries that deliver an end-to-end service for clients in Melbourne and Adelaide. With years of industry experience, they’re the right team to help you with every SMSF need—at each stage of your SMSF lifecycle.

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SMSF In Focus

SMSF In Focus brings together self managed super fund specialists from the Legal, Tax, Accounting and Finance industries to offer a complete end-to-end service for clients looking for a comprehensive SMSF solution. Our specialised knowledge and industry experience mean we are equipped with the know-how to meet your every SMSF need — at each stage of the SMSF lifecycle.

Established as a solution to the fragmented nature of the advisory industry, the network has a reputation for providing quality advice relating to SMSFs, with the ability to develop innovative and complex solutions to meet most of the investors’ needs.

SMSF In Focus
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SMSF Loans Co

At SMSF Loans Co, we do everything in our power to ensure our customers have a long-term SMSF investment strategy that works! We’ll help you get better results from your self-managed superannuation fund by helping you invest in properties through loans.



Servicing Melbourne & Adelaide, SMSF Loans Co offers a low-fee, flat-rate and systematic SMSF setup service that will uncomplicate your journey as you gain better control of your super.




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