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Prime Training is leading the transition from traditional 'bodybuilding' weightlifting towards 'sport-specific' athlete training. 

Australian Tom Baulch has grown his fitness account, Prime Training, to over 150,000 TikTok followers through discovering the key to increasing athletic performance and reducing injury, attracting multiple professional athletes from across the globe. 

The former semi-professional AFL player has been making waves with his new style of training, trademarking the term 'stop training like a bodybuilder, start training like an athlete.'

"As a former athlete, I found that I was constantly getting injured while trying play and train, from broken legs to soft-tissue injuries I just couldn't catch a break," Baulch said. 

"I began to search for a formula that would change this, and I found preparing my body for the specific movements that were required in my sport lead me becoming much more durable and improved my performance." 

"Once I figured this out for myself, I had to share it to the world because I want to see as many athletes succeed as possible!" Baulch added.  

Baulch spends most of his time in Noosa, Queensland, but travels the globe working with over 300 clients, mainly with professional athletes. 

"I just wanted to educated and change the mindset of athletes so their training would mimic their sport more than a 'one-size fits all' bodybuilding program that has zero carryover," Baulch said. 

Prime Training has grown to work with many high profile athletes, including AFL stars Brandon Starcevich, Wil Powell, Mitch Georgiades and many more. 

The athletes working with Prime Training range from professionals through to young athletes who are eager to push for a professional career. 

Professional Super Rugby Player, Carlo Tizzano, heaped his praise on the help Prime Training has given him throughout the off-season. 

"There are a lot of strength and conditioning coaches out there that don't train you like an athlete and don't get you doing things in the gym that are transferrable," Tizzano said. 

"All the Waratahs boys love his stuff and they want more!"

Australia is not the only place that Prime Training is changing the way athletes think and feel, as LA Galaxy players as well as multiple division 1 athletes from American Football and Basketball are joined up to the Elite Athlete Peformance Plan. 

Prime Training has been described as an 'industry leader' when it comes to his new world training methods. 

Stay tuned for his content throughout 2022 as he continues to change the way we look at athletes in the fitness industry. 

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