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The new challenge of the Consorzio Tutela Provolone Valpadana is being played out in Australia. The famous cheese, true European PDO excellence, has chosen Australia as the destination for the new communication campaign co-financed by the European Union. The project "BORN TO BE AUTHENTIC - PROVOLONE VALPADANA, A PDO CHEESE FROM EUROPE" ( is presented today with the aim of promoting the added value of the European product by strengthening its recognition and consumption in Australia, a country which pays increasingly more attention to values such as the quality and authenticity of food products and offers important market opportunities for European producers. Already today it is the second most important extra-European market for Provolone Valpadana PDO (second only to the USA).

The dairy sector is Australia's 4th largest agricultural industry, with a production of 9.3 billion litres of milk, a value of $ 4.4 billion and a directly employed workforce of approximately 46,200 people. At the same time, it is also a cheese importer and imports have grown by 60% over the past decade. So, there are therefore the best conditions for the project to succeed, which aims to strengthen awareness and the level of recognition of the Union's quality schemes. The message "Born to Be Authentic - Provolone Valpadana, a PDO cheese from Europe" clearly brings to mind key concepts of quality and authenticity, linking them to Europe and to the PDO brand as the main message. The other purpose of the project is to increase competitiveness and consumption, and thus increase the volume and value of exports of Provolone Valpadana PDO.

The 3-year project is aimed at both Ho.Re.Ca. professionals and consumers and involves the media as privileged interlocutors. Chefs with their creativity and influence dictate new consumption trends. Collaborations will be started both with individual chefs and with the associations that represent them. The young future and aspiring chefs are themselves a target group, which will be intercepted thanks to collaborations with some of the most important cooking schools. Millennial consumers will be the main target, both those who buy cheese and consume it after cooking or preparing it (House Proud), and those who love restaurant dinners and delivery “addicts”. Finally, the media (journalists and influencers) constitute an important representative, since they are the amplifiers of the campaign messages.

Over the three years, the strategy foresees online and offline information and training actions aimed directly at chefs and young students (tasting weeks and participation in sector fairs) to inform and sensitize them in the daily choices oriented around quality, protected European products, flavours that make a difference and the safety that is ensured by European origin. Information campaigns will be started, and relationships will be built with distributors or importers and by participating in sector fairs.

At the same time, exclusively online strategies will be structured to reach consumers, who are very attentive to quality, and which will create a STRONG APPEAL thanks in particular to the use of dedicated social networks:





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The project "Born to be authentic - Provolone Valpadana, a PDO cheese from Europe" will promote the famous cheese, a true European excellence, for the next 3 years




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