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A new podcast series for doctors will use stories from medicine to give GPs extra insights into the historical context of our discovery and pathogenesis of hundreds of different diseases, so they can help give their patients a deeper understanding about their diagnoses.

This Medical Life will shine a spotlight on our modern understandings of diseases by delving into each through the lens of historical experiments and treatments, the community impact of various illnesses, study/research threads, and accepted, current understandings.

The podcast is the passion project of Clinpath Pathology’s General Pathologist Dr Travis Brown, who has previously co-produced a popular podcast, This Pathological Life, with seasoned radio interviewer and podcaster, Steve Davis. While the previous podcast had a narrow focus on diseases that relied upon pathology tests in their treatment, this new venture is taken a broader outlook with all illness on the table.

"The most powerful things I learnt from medical school usually came from stories: tell me a fact and I might remember it, tell me a story and I’ll never forget it," says Dr Travis Brown.

"Medicine is a treasure trove of amazing real-life characters and stories, and we'll be dusting them off so we can more clearly see the triumphs and tragedies of diseases and illnesses from ancient times up until what we know today.

"This Medical Life is about those scientific and medical minds who came before us and how, every single day, General Practitioners, Pathologists, Specialists, and other health professionals, stand on the shoulders of giants. 

"We hope to educate, inspire and celebrate those who choose to care for others in their profession. From experience, we know that our audience extends beyond these fields and would like to welcome anyone to listen. The stories of those who came before us is nothing short of remarkable and he hope you enjoy them as much as we do," he says.

This podcast duo has previously produced 45 episodes of This Pathological Life, for Clinpath Pathology, and This Medical Life is being viewed as a next stage in the evolution of medical podcasting.

"We were able to notch up two years of episodes, attracting guests like a Nobel Laureate, and AMA State President, an Australian Of The Year, and leading practitioners and researchers in their fields, and we're going to be picking up where we left off," says co-presenter, Steve Davis.

"Being named as finalists in the 16th annual, People's Choice Podcast Awards this year revealed to us the worldwide hunger there is for quality, reflective coverage of medical history and modern understandings, and opening up our topics to include a broader range of diseases will enable us to meet that demand, globally.

"Dr Travis Brown is an avid researcher and someone who is perpetually curious, and this drive to "know and understand" lies at the heart of his approach to this vital field of medicine."

This Medical Life will be updated fortnightly with new episodes and show notes and is being self-funded by Dr Travis Brown's company, PathNotes Pty Ltd. The podcast is being recorded in the Talked About Marketing studio in Adelaide, with sound production and design being handled by Tim Whiffen and Tom Bussenschutt, respectively.


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PathNotes Pty Ltd

PathNotes Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Dr Travis Brown, to further the sharing of medical and pathological knowledge through media and technology.

It's core, public offering, is the podcast, This Medical Life.

Dr Travis Brown
P: 0411278471
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Dr Travis Brown of This Pathological Life podcast has returned with This Medical Life - a sister podcast to unlock the medical history (and mysteries) of many diseases, aimed at GPs, med students, and interested members of the public




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