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Impressum Publishing is proud to announce the release of Memories of Then, a moving and compelling story of love, loss and the impact of war. This is the second novel from Australian romance author Stephanie May, following the success of her debut Cherry.

Memories of Then is an enthralling, heart-wrenching love story that dances between the present day and the summer of 1964. This moving historical romance follows families who have been affected by war both physically and emotionally, and how a decades-old love story helps a new generation to heal their lives.

When the troubled Elijah Samuels learns that his first love, Audrey, is in a coma, he visits her in palliative care. He is determined to pay his respects and say a final goodbye to a life, love and time he once knew. However, Audrey’s family prove less than welcoming to this cantankerous, blunt stranger. 

Elijah finds an ally in Audrey’s granddaughter, Chloe, who discovers her grandmother’s secret diary. With Elijah’s captivating storytelling and Chloe reading from Audrey’s diary, the family is propelled back to the Swinging Sixties – a time of social upheaval, the sexual revolution, and the Vietnam War. 

Author Stephanie May hopes that the novel will provide a respectful and factual impression of a difficult time in history. She says, “I immersed myself in researching history books, documentaries, newspaper clippings, music and movies” and is grateful for the first-hand accounts of Corporal Ronald James Kelly – ‘Ned’ – and his ‘darling Diane’ that helped to inspire her writing. 

Set for release December 14th 2021, this is a new sub-genre for Stephanie, whose previous novel, Cherry, explored the highs and lows of show business - an area the actress-turned-author has much experience with. However, Stephanie’s talent lies in melding romance with family drama, and Memories of Then will doubtless please previous fans of her work.. 

Copies may be ordered via Ingram Group (wholesaler discounts apply).

You can find more information by contacting Stephanie directly using the links below, or emailing Emma Biddle of Impressum ([email protected]).








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