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Making sure your SDA property is built for success 

Physical barriers for people with a disability include architectural features such as stairs, narrow doorways or ramps. They can also be found in public spaces like shops and restaurants. These are not always obvious but they can make it difficult for people with disabilities to access them. The lack of appropriate aids makes it difficult for many disabled people to live independently, access education or employment

Here are 5 tips for ensuring a successful SDA property 

  1. Site Design Standards 

Choosing the right location and site when considering SDA housing is extremely important. They have their own set of standards, including an urban design package which will cost more if implemented on the wrong block of land.

Putting it on the right block of land can lead to the best performance, including beating standard residential houses and duplexes. It outperforms other building types too, such as childcare centers and residential apartments.

  1. Location 

One of the most decisive factors in designing accessible housing should be location. If it's conveniently located and has good aesthetic properties, it will increase demand for the property, generate positive publicity and may even make buyers more interested. SDA is currently transitioning models of group homes and reliance on makeshift solutions to purpose-built housing.

Having accessible housing in the right location has a lot of benefits. An accessible location can lead to more independence, and having access to the home from inside can allow you to have more of an impact in your local area.

  1. Choosing the right type of housing 

High quality SDA properties are notable for not looking like traditional specialist housing, typically blending well within the local community. The SDA market has a range of housing options including apartments, townhouses, duplexes and stand-alone dwellings. With different specifications for each build, investors will find that there is something for everyone in the SDA market.

Before investing in dwelling projects, think about your target group and plan out a program that will best serve their needs. Answer their needs by designing buildings that they enjoy living in and you'll be guaranteed success.

  1. Development & strategy 

Investors should focus on not just establishing the property, but also pay attention to the exit strategies. Exit strategies are dependent on the acquisition structure chosen and your individual situation.

Aligned with an accurate purpose-built SDA feasibility, a considered development and exit strategy needs to be prepared. Align your objectives, goals and achievable expectations with suitable SDA strategy as this is key to maximise the chances of success in any NDIS related project.

  1. Funding 

The SDA Funding loan is the cost of the SDA property and dwelling which doesn’t include any services or support you need to stay in that home such as rent and other personal costs.

After the dwelling has been registered with a SDA Housing Provider and participants have moved in, SDA funding commences. The funding is passed to the investor by the SDA Housing Provider.

Once a SDA property is built and registered with an approved housing provider, the remaining funds are passed on to the investor. This can commence once participants have moved in and Commonwealth-funded Participant Reasonable Rent Contributions have been settled.

SDA properties can be classified into four main types:

Improved Liveability

Houses and apartments that belong to the SDA category of Improved Liveability have been modified to make them easier to use for people with physical, intellectual or cognitive impairments. This service is designed to help individuals with sensory, intellectual and cognitive impairments.

Fully Accessible

Fully Accessible housing should be built with top quality physical access features for people who have significant functional impairments.

They must meet a minimum standard of Livable Housing Australia Platinum Level and include features for improved accessibility both inside and out. There should be space for wheelchair users and accessible hand basins for the bathroom. If you want to automate parts of your home, there should be power supply to doors and windows. You should also consider if the kitchen sink, bench, cooktop and key appliances are accessible from a sitting or standing position.


The features of this type of SDA housing allow people with a higher risk or susceptibility to get the medication without having to worry about side effects and other major health concerns. Robust housing must come with physical access and meet LHA Silver Level standards.

The design must also be resilient so it can minimize the risk to participants and the community. It should also reduce the need for reactive maintenance. To avoid damage, robust dwellings use materials that are durable but discreet. This can reduce the risk of injury and make them appropriate for heavy use.

High physical support

Housing in the High Physical Support category features equitable access and optimal safety mechanisms for individuals with high levels of physical impairment and provisions for people with severe physical impairments to have appropriate physical access.

High Physical Support housing includes all the requirements listed in the Fully Accessible category, plus structural provisions for ceiling hoists and clear doorway widths to every room.They have assistive technology compatibility, offer heating, cooling and household communications technology, and provide emergency power solutions in the case of a minimum two-hour power outage. They also ensure everyone's welfare is protected.

Apollo Investment are experts when it comes to all things related to NDIS property investment and SDA housing. Request a call to see how it works & determine your eligibility.


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