Friday, December 3rd, 2021 - The Adelaide Show Podcast

The Adelaide Show Podcast has won Silver for Best Interview at the Australian Podcast Awards, announced in Sydney last night.

The long-form interview podcast has evolved since it began in 2013, producing 340 episodes on topics ranging from song writing to sex work, and from the toxicity of sugar to the history of rabbits in Australia. It was previously named as Finalist for the News And Current Affairs category at the national awards in 2018.

"The podcast began as 'Another Boring Thursday Night In Adelaide', to counter the reactionary, lazy putdowns that Adelaide and South Australia were at the receiving end of in the eastern states and even within insecure South Aussies," says Steve Davis, podcast co-founder and presenter.

"That name was a reworking of the title of a Redgum song, One More Boring Night In Adelaide, and led us to asking the South Australian lead singer of that band, John Schumann, for the rights to use a portion of the song as our theme song.

"That didn't eventuate due to the involvement of large record companies, but John Schumann later appeared on the podcast twice, with his latest visit being part of the entry for the Australian Podcast Awards," notes Steve.

"There is an art to uncovering the rich stories that exist around us, and the long form nature of the show, with listeners being able to listen on demand and stop and start interviews, we have time to draw out some interesting insights.

"I've learned 'heaps' about South Australia (and travelled a lot of it) through the course of producing this podcast, and there are plenty more stories lined up," he says.

The Adelaide Show Podcast was published weekly for its first five years, with iconic South Australian, Keith Conlon, appearing as a guest for the "last" episode, number 260, to farewell the venture. However, the bug was still in Steve's system, and the podcast has since continued on a fortnightly basis.

The Adelaide Show Podcast is available via and through all podcast apps and podcast directories. It is part of the Auscast Network.




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The Adelaide Show Podcast

The Adelaide Show is a podcast recorded in Adelaide that puts South Australian passion on centre stage.
In its current iteration, each episode's guest also becomes a co-host and is involved not only in an expanded interview but also involved in:
  • tasting the South Australian Drink Of The Week
  • introducing The Musical Pilgrimage
  • And other aspects of the show
The focus is on the people of South Australia and the various enterprises and interests they are engaged in. 
The lead host is former talkback radio announcer, Steve Davis, now stand up comedian and marketing consultant (is there a difference?). His fellow host is Nigel Dobson-Keeffe, a cognitive scientist in the defense industry, former engineer and professional artist.
This 'labour of love' has attracted more than 2,000 followers on Twitter, 1600 on Facebook and downloads per episode between 500 and 1000. The three dominant audience age groups, skewed to females are 35-44, 45-54 and 25-34.
The overall feel of the podcast is relaxed with a heightened curiosity to learn about the experiences and motivations of South Australians involved in a broad cross section of endeavours.
Guests are heartily encouraged to promote their episode to their networks and as such, help grow an engaged community.
The podcast is available from the website, on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher, and can be found by searching for The Adelaide Show in most podcast playing apps and websites.
New episodes are released late Wednesday nights with a preview video shared Wednesday mornings.
It is a voluntary, community-based enterprised.

Steve Davis
M: 0403022077


The Adelaide Show Podcast has won silver for Best Interview at the Australian Podcast Awards last night




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