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Juicing is much more than a modern trend - since the early 1900s, advocates have pushed the myriad health benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables in such a way. They were believed to have cancer-curing benefits as well as beneficial detoxifying qualities. Since then, the beverage has become a power unto its own, often taking up particular space in the diet and weight loss market. However, cleanses and rigorous routines were devised to make one look good but not necessarily feel that way.

Juiced Life, the all Australian juice and healthy snack offering, promises to tip this narrative on its head. Steering away from diet culture and quick-results image changes, Juiced Life instead prioritises a healthy lifestyle above all else. It’s about feeling great and optimising health as part of broader lifestyle adjustments. 

Each juice is developed with an in-house nutritionist, aiming to target specific health objectives like immunity, liver support and energy. The juices are all-natural and nutritionally balanced, full of fresh and quality ingredients, devised to deliver a punch in a small bottle. With no added preservatives, sweeteners or artificial flavourings, they contain no hidden nasties. 

Juiced Life is changing lives for the better through challenging health ideals and focusing on customer education. 

Not only do the juices and cleanses positively impact one’s health, but the flow-on encourages a greater awareness of the world around us. Consume a more plant-based diet, cut down on waste and stick to local Australian produce. Pledge to make a wholesome change with one of the many juice blends, cold press juice shots or snacks (including protein balls) available. 

The juices and cold press shots are rolling out to Woolworths, Harris Farm, and more. Find out more at Juiced Life:

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