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Perth, Western Australia October 01, 2021 - In October of 2021 a new era creative talent platform called Experlio will be launching to the world.


The platform aims to support the discovery and growth of top emerging talent through engaging online experiences. With 55% of Gen Z considering themselves creative and the swift rise of new creative mediums like Tik Tok, we know it doesn’t take much for these digital natives to be dangerous in the online commercial arena. 


“What better place to launch (virtually) than in Sydney, where demand for Creative People is highest in the world!” says founder, Chris Evans.


The platform has been under wraps since May of this year when the team did a ‘limited launch’ to a handful of users. After making a handful of revisions, an even more exciting version of the platform now exists and is ready to be launched to beta version with public access available in Sydney. The team are focused on sustaining momentous growth with their growing team that includes heavy hitters coming from top social media companies, digital agencies and creative companies.


Experlio’s creative talent platform will be focused on helping businesses to find emerging creative talent in the areas of social media marketing, content marketing and, in due course, content creation.


If you’re a business looking to hire creative talent or a creative person looking to take the next step in your career, you can head over to to sign up for one of their special launch offers, available for a limited time.


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Chris Evans, Founder of Experlio


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Creative Talent Marketplace geared for professional development. We help connect emerging creative talent to entry-level opportunities with businesses who are looking to stand out and grow. We do this through an innovative application process that allows employers to identify the potential of creative talent and for Creatives to build up a portfolio of Micro Experiences along the way.

Chris Evans


The Experlio developed a solution to help spread creativity and to provide more opportunities for talented people to develop the skills and experience.



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