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DeliverTrade is a new Australian online marketplace built to save tradespeople and home renovators wasted time sourcing materials on the job, by delivering direct from local independent hardware and other building trade suppliers.

Imagine you’re a tradie working on the 10th storey of a new apartment development, laying a herringbone timber floor, you’re going great guns, you’re in the zone and set to finish by knock-off at 3PM. Then you realise you’ve run out of glue.

You take the 20-minute-plus trip on the Alimak, the construction site lift that’s safe but notoriously slow; walk to the car; and drive to the nearest hardware store, probably losing your parking spot on the way back. Before you know it, your day has disappeared. You’ll need to finish the job tomorrow, pushing out the timeline and likely the budget, too.

DeliverTrade co-founder and CEO Chris Cataldo says that’s a common story on building sites all over Australia, from large construction sites to home renos.

“I founded the DeliverTrade platform with two mates, all of us with construction industry experience,” Mr Cataldo says. “We know firsthand the pain of running out of materials on-site, where every minute counts. Requirements are always changing, so no matter what the advance planning, it’s hard to plan for the unforeseen.”

Developed in Melbourne, the DeliverTrade platform matches building materials merchants with purchasers, who are typically independent tradespeople, handymen or DIY renovators.

From skips to gap fillers, goods can be selected all at once, via mobile app or website, and delivered on-site on the same day, or as scheduled. 

"We partner with merchants whether they be independent hardware stores, temporary fencing, electrical, asphalt suppliers, with a big focus on large items like skip bins," Mr Cataldo says. "We now have over 30,000 last-mile couriers connected to our platform and that allows us to promise the best price for your item available for ASAP delivery, with our best practice goal being to deliver in under two hours."

DeliverTrade’s initial service focused on delivering skip bins and other supplies in the Melbourne area.

“We’ve collected great feedback direct from the market, and used that feedback to create the new DeliverTrade platform. It’s designed to give the best experience and efficiency for both building trade suppliers and buyers. We've now signed up over 

“What we’ve found is that people don’t care which merchant their order is coming from, they want a product at that point in time.”

DeliverTrade allows the home renovator to enjoy some of the benefits of professional tradespeople, including efficiencies and cost savings, by selecting the right product at the right price for their needs and providing a cost comparison.

­­For the merchant, typically the local hardware store, DeliverTrade provides a pre-programmed tablet and training so that stock is picked, packed and delivered according to the customer’s schedule.

“We partner with nationwide couriers to offer reliable, quick delivery, and most of the stores we deal with also have their own delivery services, so we simply let the builder know when they file their order how much it will cost to deliver,” Mr Cataldo says.

DeliverTrade currently has capacity to provide over 100,000 products, with the ability to scale up to any number, anywhere, as demand grows.

“We’re not trying to become famous all in one hit,” Mr Cataldo says. “Uber went to market in one city with one delivery model and that’s what we’re doing, too. Say you need a skip – why not order a skip bin on DeliverTrade – but while you’re there look at anything else you need, from lightbulbs to cable clips.”

Speaking of cable clips, Jett Blyth is co-director of electrical business Blyth Electrical, specialising in high end luxury home builds. She came across DeliverTrade online while trying to find materials and a few tools without leaving site.

“We just had to have the job completed that afternoon,” Ms Blyth said. “I received my materials within an hour! I saved money and time by using this app and continue to do so. I am very impressed and always recommend other trades to give DeliverTrade a go!”



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DeliverTrade is on a mission to service the material supply needs of the construction industry in just the same way that the food delivery industry has changed the way we order meals.

The cost of downtime due to an unexpected shortage of the simplest of materials on building sites is alarming.

DeliverTrade allows the user, whether that's a tradesman, a project manager, site foreman or your DIY mum or dad at home, to continue working while your delivery is on its way to you at your chosen location, saving you the hassle of stopping work and losing valuable dollars on down time.

For merchants, DeliverTrade gives a new way to reach buyers with on-the-go ordering, without advertising or delivery overhead.

Chris Cataldo, CEO and co-founder
W: delivertrade.com


DeliverTrade is a new Australian online marketplace that delivers onsite from local merchants to builders and home renovators, via Android, iPhone or web.



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