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Blockchain AustraliaTM is proud to announce its partnership with Gachyi Land, an NFT gaming business, and together they aim to build a strong and powerful future for the much-celebrated Non Fungible Tokens.

In very simple words, NFTs make ways to tokenize and trade unfragmentable and unique assets like artwork, blogs, songs, individual collectibles, and such. They are created exclusively on blockchain platforms to guarantee data security, the privacy of owners and buyers, authentication of the ownership, etc. NFTs have been around for only about two years and already they have caused quite an uproar in the finance industry. Huge amounts of money have been circulated in wealthy regions worldwide in a very brief span of time, and their online sales numbers climbed drastically in 2021.

Gachyi Land, specialises in incorporating NFTs into the gaming sector. They are constructing an ecosystem that consists of an NFT issuance platform with gacha systems. They have their own NFTs that can be issued and thereafter minted on their website with the help of interactive gachapon machines. In fact, there will be a number of gachapon machines available to users for minting NFTs generated by separate third-party NFT projects as well, as long as they match the theme of Gachyi Land. 

By nature, Gachyi Land is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game revolving around a storyline incorporated into the game ecosystem. The participants can buy NFT products and employ these tokens to play and earn on the game. While inside the game, the players can even purchase NFT land plots which will be the sources of passive income for the owners. They will earn ERC-20 tokens that can be used to exchange resources with other players as well as to buy game items like improved weaponry and other upgrades.

The major goal of Blockchain AustraliaTM has always been to reinvent industries, economies, and, consequently, the society as a whole, by developing innovative solutions built on revolutionary technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. In the ever-expanding blockchain business and its multi-sector implementations, this organisation creates personalised and efficient solutions tailored to the specific requirements of their customers. Along with blockchain development and blockchain consulting services, Blockchain AustraliaTM has also spread its wings into the NFT sector soon after it came out. They provide a platform for NFT development along with any necessary legal help. They have simplified the NFT platform design process so that their clients can maintain a competitive advantage. Essentially, they help their clients in every way to easily develop crypto-collectibles, blockchain games, or open market and trading platforms, as well as manage identities and ownership, software licenses, and asset life cycles. The services of Blockchain AustraliaTM are intended to increase productivity and reduce risk while constructing the most efficient strategies from the greatest developers in the business. 

As a passionate advocate of national blockchain conceptualisation and acceptance, Blockchain AustraliaTM continues to spearhead blockchain architecture, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, NFT development and consulting, and many other blockchain-related and blockchain-powered services. With this newfound alliance between Gachyi Land and Blockchain AustraliaTM, we anticipate much more growth for both of these enterprises and look forward to a huge positive development in the NFT sector.



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The partnership between Gachyi Land and Blockchain Australia brings you an exciting massively multiplayer online role-playing metaverse game based on gacha systems.




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