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Prometheus Wines has launched its new youth-focused wine label in the “largest grape region in Australia no one knows about” – South Australia’s Riverland, set on the mighty Murray River.

With innovative, eye-catching packaging and a focus on consumer demand for new wine styles and lighter-in-alcohol options, Prometheus will introduce its Expressions range progressively over the Australian summer.

Prometheus Wines founder and winemaker Daniel Zuzolo says Australian drinkers are more curious, more promiscuous in their shelf choices and more discerning than ever before.

“Today’s wine marketplace needs innovative and eye-catching offers to keep people engaged,” says Mr Zuzolo, who came up with the Prometheus concept one weekend – over a few wines with close friends.

“We’re a bunch of mates working together who love the Riverland where we source awesome grapes that are different and exciting.

“We share the same dream – to do wine a bit differently and enjoy ourselves along the way.”

Mr Zuzolo learned about grape-growing at his father’s knee, spending his childhood summers helping out at the family’s small vineyard and his teenage years working around the McLaren Vale wine region.  Oenology studies was a natural progression, via a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at the University of Adelaide and four years with Scarpantoni Estate Wines.

“My career choice has given me incredible opportunities to travel and explore wine-making techniques with the world’s best winemakers, from Maison Chapoutier in the Rhone Valley and Domaine Dubois in Burgundy and Farnese Vini in Southern Italy, and then the very different styles of Geyser Peak in California.”

In 2007, Mr Zuzolo was part of the Scarpantoni Estate team that won the Jimmy Watson Trophy at the Melbourne Wine Show for their 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon.

“It was a huge honour for a young winemaker, and I next joined Primo Estate Wines as Senior Winemaker, producing high-quality, polished wines with Italian style influences,” Mr Zuzolo says.

Today, Mr Zuzolo’s philosophy is influenced by the change in climate; adapting to rising temperatures, water shortages and earlier, yet shorter, vintages than ever before.

“The secret, I think, is to work with grape varieties and styles of wine that reflect these changing conditions,” Mr Zuzolo says. “These are varieties that thrive in hot and arid conditions.”

Prometheus Wines unveiled

Focussing on key flavour expressions, Prometheus Expressions wines blend category boundaries in the ready-to-drink segment. With names like Summer Squeeze (White) Berry Blast (Rose) Sherbet Bomb (Pink Moscato), they are primarily designed to quench the thirst.

“We use varieties you probably haven’t tasted before, but when you have a glass, you’ll love them,” the winemaker says.

“These wines are fresh, bright and crunchy with minimal additives and just made for good times. Even our reds can be enjoyed on a summer’s day. They’re not made to be big ‘steak and fireplace’ wines, we want you to enjoy them all the time, every time!

“We want to show everyone how amazing wine can be without being expensive. It’s a beautiful thing to experiment and make delicious wines that do their region and the grape growers proud.”


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