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We all agree the last 18 months or so have been crazy! We all  have been pissed, frustrated and sometimes outright pissed off! As another year gets to end in a few months, we are all indeed of some positivity. Many people are starting to look into 2022 and thinking about what they want and also finding ways to make the most of whats left of 2021. We know through research that our words have power. Ever had a conversation with someone and you felt eeky way after the conversation. Many times the negative effects of certain words last for days, and in some cases for years. Its only takes one upset parent to tell a child, ''you will never amount to anything'', and those words can last a life time. Worse, if that is repeated regularly. 

How about we use our words to frame our world. This is what, Award Winning Author, Wisdom Mupudzi,'s Thirty Days of Power is about. Thirty Days of declarations and journaling. ""I have been using journaling for many years and i have found it a powerful tool in my own life''. Wisdom explains. ''In Thirty Days of Power, we now combine affrmations and journaling. These are affirmations that bring hope, life and a general sense of purpose. By being intentional with our words, we start to frame our atmosphere with positivity, which is what the world needs right now considering the season we are in', Wisdom articulates. 

According to research, journaling has been found to help when it comes to mental health, anxiety etc. "" I have often found journaling to be a powerful tool and process when it comes to clarity. Clarity of intentions, clarity of vision etc '', Wisdom further explains. Thirty Days of Power debuted on Amazon on the 15th of October. The kindle vesrion  has been hovering in the Amazon Top Ten of its category for a few days now, since it was made avaialble for pre release. Both the print and Kindle version have also made it in the Amazon Hot 100 releases. 

Wisdom was earlier in the year awarded a Silver Award by the Jenkins Group for Digital Excellence. He was also interviewed on America Tonight, a radio show that reaches millions per week and hosted by Kate Delaney. On the local scene, he was also interview on Ticker News, a streaming Channel that is on the cuttind edge and based in Melbourne. Wisdom has published works across Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books etc., 





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