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Sydney, October 2021 — SwapUp announces its online thrift store launch to start selling secondhand clothes for women and kids in time to celebrate the Buy Nothing New Month movement. The start-up is building one of the largest online consignment and thrift stores in Australia to help solve the fashion waste problem. 

Australia has the second-highest textile consumption rate per capita in the world, yet research found that almost half of Australians aren’t getting long-term use out of their clothes due to the items being out of season and unfashionable, or that they are bored of wearing them. Most people choose to donate their unwanted clothes to local charity bins. However, 85% of clothes donated are not sold — instead, they’re exported to developing countries or sent directly to landfills.

SwapUp was founded to solve this problem by bringing secondhand fashion beyond the usual brick-and-mortar format. Its online clothing, bags, shoes and accessories collections are curated by professional merchandisers who closely inspect each item, taking clear photos and writing accurate descriptions to ensure high-quality listings and customer experience.

SwapUp’s website features colourful images and thousands of fashion items to enable online op shopping during lockdown. “During market research, we found that people enjoy the thrill and joy of thrift shopping. SwapUp wants to bring that experience to people’s homes,” says co-founder Adi Nagara. The co-founders set an ambitious target of rehoming 50,000 items within its first 5 years of operation.

Following their soft launch, SwapUp will also introduce Australia’s first online consignment platform in Q4 2021. Customers can begin to sign up and get the latest information on this service on their website

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SwapUp is one of the largest online thrift stores in Australia, offering thousands of unique women and kids fashion items to choose from. The start-up was founded by Alifa Putri and Adi Nagara to make secondhand mainstream and reduce waste, which is why all SwapUp’s products and packaging are either reused, recycled or compostable.

The start-up uses technology to bring the thrill and joy of thrift shopping to people’s home through their online thrift store. Following soft launch, the start-up will also introduce Australia’s first online consignment platform in Q4 2021.


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SwapUp just launched Australia's go-to online consignment and thrift store




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