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With Victoria’s lockdowns here to stay for the foreseeable future, Victorians continue to look for new self-care practices during this challenging time. With many feeling disconnected from their usual routines such; as going to the gym, swimming a few laps or attending their favourite yoga class.

Realising this, The Light Collective completely transformed their yoga studio, transitioning from face-to-face classes in Melbourne, to an entirely online yoga practice.

“Not only was this vital to our survival, but we wanted to make sure we were there for all of our customers during this incredibly tough time, allowing them to keep some part of their pre-lockdown routine and continue their self-care practices.” Said, The Light Collective founder and lead teacher – Sian Pascale.

However, like many businesses, the transition has not been easy, with many hours of work needed to make the online switch.

"At the time, I had a staff of 4 that had all lost work as yoga teachers. There was a small amount of money that I had for emergencies, and we decided we would work really hard for one month to see what we could create.”

“We initially had just 10 practices online, they were all filmed in my (Sian’s) bedroom using the camera recording equipment I had bought before the lockdowns started.”

“Then once we found our rhythm, we were able to reach out to the community to see what they were struggling with, creating specific practices to help. For example, we’ve found that recently, people have been struggling with sleep – so we developed, filmed and uploaded a range of calming meditations, breathing techniques and yoga flows to assist with relaxation and sleep.”

The response to this growing archive of online yoga practices, along with many other online wellbeing services has been overwhelming, with many Victorians leaning on The Light Collective’s online yoga studio to stay sane during these crazy times, finding a physical and mental release.

“I joined the TLC Online Yoga Studio last week and already it has been so transformative, especially with me being in Melbourne. This has been the only platform I’ve found that is deeply feminine, as well as full of richness, depth and philosophy – allowing me to drop back into my body”

If you’re interested in learning more about The Light Collective’s online yoga studio , all readers can access a 5 Day Free Trial Here.


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How The Light Collective Yoga Studio has harnessed the shift to online wellbeing practices during lockdown.




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