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Its been a big few months for the Aged Care Enrichment Podcast, after celebrating the podcasts first birthday, theyre attracting bigger and higher profile guests - like in this weeks episode with Alzheimers Disease International (ADI) CEO Paola Barbarino.


The Melbourne based podcast presented by virtual reality for older adults start-up SilVR Adventures, features thought leaders, experts and passionate individuals from around the world to examine some of the most important issues facing aged care providers and workers.


The most recent episode with Paola Barbarino will strike a chord with all that listen. The ADI are tireless in their work supporting over 100 organizations around the world including Dementia Australia, Alzheimer's UK, and Alzheimer's Association (USA) and Paola and her team work closely with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations to help highlight Alzheimers and dementia research and increase the understanding of these global challenges.


A key piece of the ADIs work involves raising awareness at an international level, and despite what more developed countries may think, we still need greater awareness. As Paola clarified, even [in Australia and the UK] you do have pockets that still feel very stigmatized by dementia. And then that stigma becomes higher at the time in which you, as a person, find it difficult to obtain a diagnosis”.


Stigma is truly a global issue and Paola explains that many people around the world find it difficult to talk about a loved one who has dementia”. However, it's not just the families and those suffering with the disease that find it hard, there is also a level of denial in dementia within governments on a global scale.


Paola acknowledges that there is a big battle to fight”, which is why the ADI works tirelessly to raise awareness and provide resources.


To aid in this fight, each year the ADI commissions an annual report covering a range of topics to help governments, doctors and those living with the disease better understand Alzheimers and Dementia. This year, the report focused on Diagnosisas Paola and the ADI team can see that those who suspect they might have dementia are too scared to go to the doctor”. However, this report is designed to help the public and the families better understand the warning signs of dementia, as well as what happens after the prognosis.


With global dementia advocates ranging from the Queen of Spain and the Queen of Sweden to past podcast guests such as Angela Rippon and Kate Swaffer, the ADI can continue to spread awareness and provide global action plans within the WHO. Paola told the Aged Care Enrichment Podcast, its essential for the public and doctors to have as much information about Dementia as possible, to help improve the quality of life and care.


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This week’s episode featuring Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) CEO Paola Barbarino




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