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Australian property professional Ryan Charlton has worked in the property industry for the past 15-years, and he’s keen to share his insights on the industry as well as how he has been supporting his community by working within the community and nonprofit sector as an advisor. 


Charlton currently works within the facilities management and property management space for nonprofits and community based organisations. 


“I implement asset management frameworks and project management for large construction projects within the nonprofit sector,” says Charlton. 


Charlton says his role in the property space is much more advisory than it is transactional, and he enjoys sharing his expertise. 


“I now work with companies to advise them on different areas in the property space.”


Whether it’s acquisition or divestment of a particular property, Ryan Charlton advises companies on their particular portfolio, lending his valuable analysis, insights and suggestions. 


He also manages teams of up to ten people, simultaneously monitoring all compliance related elements for community based organisations. 


Working within the community support sector is deeply rewarding for Charlton, and he goes on to say that, “it’s an interesting sector which provides social and affordable housing to the moderate low and medium low income earners within the community.” 


“In the past, we’ve worked on commercial properties with non-profit charity organisations as their property portfolio changes over time depending on their needs.” 


Charlton is now heavily focused on the non-profit sector. He weaves in his past experiences in the property industry to oversee projects that have a positive social impact to the community. 


“Working within the community sector gives me great pride in what I do,” says Charlton. 


Ryan Charlton also develops asset management plans to help maintain the assets of non-profit organisations for an extended period of time. While these plans are revisited to ensure they remain relevant, Charlton helps organisations plan decades into the future. 


Ryan Charlton will also assess properties in terms of changes they may need internally over time in order to fulfil their service delivery, and he also assesses whether the organisation may need to divest and sell that property. 


Overall, it’s Charlton’s responsibility as an advisor and property maverick to help organisations make the best decision when it comes to managing their assets. 


“These organisations work with the most vulnerable people within the community, and the work I do directly supports that frontline work.” 


Charlton says being a pillar of change is a good feeling, especially in his local community because he can see the changes taking place as he helps create a tangible solution to the housing crisis. 


One of the biggest achievements in Charlton’s career is around the recent relocation of the headspace mental health support for youth in the Mount Druitt area. 


The location project was $1.15 million in value, and he managed the project from the acquisition of the site through to the site construction and the development process. 


“This site is now able to handle more youth who require mental health support, and was certainly one of the happiest moments of my career so far.” 


Ryan Charlton says he hopes to continue working in the community sector, supporting vulnerable people within the community. 


“No matter how high and how hard you work to get to a certain area, it’s important to remember where you came from.” 

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Ryan Charlton discusses his duties in the property space in Australia.



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