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16.09.21: Today, Spirit Health Group announces the launch of EMPOWER T2i in Australia, an education program for people living with Type 2 diabetes who are using insulin as part of their treatment.

Following the success of the UK EMPOWER program, achieving an impressive 97% positive feedback score, Spirit, who has become the fastest growing face-to-face provider of structured diabetes education, wanted to extend access to high quality education to Type 2 diabetes patients around the world. With almost 1 million Australian adults living with Type 2 diabetes, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2017–18 National Health Survey, and an estimated total annual cost impact of $14.6 billion, there is a clear case for Spirit’s offering.

With the support of a structured diabetes program (SDE), as recommended by international diabetes guidelines, the cost and health impact of the condition can be reduced, as it is proven to deliver improved glycaemic control and help to prevent diabetes-related complications. However, despite SDE being available in Australia for approximately 20 years, research indicates that its effectiveness varies from program to program - and that “significant efforts are needed to encourage and improve attendance[1].

The EMPOWER T2i course is delivered by credentialled diabetes educators (CDE), and is designed to help people understand what Type 2 diabetes is; the effect it has on their body; provide information related to living with insulin; and how to make small, achievable changes to the food they eat and their everyday life. This has never been more important as diabetes is the fastest growing chronic condition in Australia.

The course is delivered in two modules, which take on average two hours each to complete, through a combination of digital and physical learning, covering goal settings, complications, blood glucose monitoring and more. The first module is taken via EMPOWER Digital, which is an e-learning platform that allows participants to complete the course in their own time. The second module is either facilitated face to face or online to suit the user’s needs.

This diabetes course is available to those who have Type 2 diabetes and are new to using insulin with or without oral diabetes therapies, or for those who may have been on insulin longer term and may not have accessed structured education previously. Participants can be referred by their CDE, endocrinologist, as well as their GP, aiming to help empower people to self-manage their diabetes and reduce the risk of long-term health complications and hypoglycemia.

Geordie Lukacs, Head of Business Development, Spirit Healthcare Australia, comments: “Support and education are vital components of structured diabetes education, particularly during challenging times, but by putting the patient in control of their condition, they can self-manage and make positive lifestyle changes.

“EMPOWER T2i is just the start - we hope to introduce new program’s going forward to support as many people as we can, as well as reduce the pressure and costs on healthcare staff and resources. Our mission is to empower everyone living with Type 2 diabetes with the information they need to live a full and healthy life, and we can now do that irrespective of location through our digital and face-to-face program. We are excited to begin the journey in Australia and help thousands of people with Type 2 diabetes.”

To find out more about EMPOWER T2i Australia, or to book your course, click here.


[1] Chatterjee S, Davies MJ, Heller SR, Speight J, Snoek FJ, Khunti K. Structured education programmes in type 1 and type 2 diabetes: a narrative review and current innovations. The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, 2018; 6(2): 130-142

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Today, Spirit Health Group announces the launch of EMPOWER T2i in Australia, an education program for people living with Type 2 diabetes who are using insulin as part of their treatment.




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