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TOOWOOMBA, Qld -- One of the world’s largest mission organisations is calling on Christians around the world not to carry on “like normal” while people in Afghanistan face terror, rape, and execution.vcsPRAsset_3621317_228276_96f9777a-80f5-42c2-80ec-337897f849ae_0.png


“I pray that no church in the world worships and prays like it’s just another normal day over the coming weeks while the innocent in Afghanistan await the Taliban’s knock on their door,” said K.P. Yohannan (Metropolitan Yohan), founder of GFA World (, a Christian organisation that helps millions of vulnerable people globally.


As U.S. and Australian allied troops complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan, Yohannan pleaded with people to “pray and fast” for the desperate situation.


“I can tell you now that many innocent people, including Christians, are likely going to die very soon in Afghanistan -- and in other countries -- at the hands of emboldened terrorists,” he said. 


“These precious men, women and children need our prayers more than ever before.”


‘Theatre of Fear’

“All the Afghan people -- not only Christians -- are living in a theatre of fear,” Yohannan said. “I just heard first-hand reports that many people -- and entire families -- have been wandering in the desert wilderness for over a week, desperate to escape the country.”


According to reports, the Taliban are going door-to-door, hunting for Christians as well as Afghans who’ve assisted the United States. Males face execution on the spot, while women are raped and girls taken and forced into sexual slavery.


“Many in Afghanistan genuinely fear they will not see tomorrow,” Yohannan said. “The knock on their door could be the last they hear.”


“None of us should be acting like life is ‘normal’ while our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan wait in dread for the Taliban to come to their door. God moves when we choose to enter into the suffering of others. We need to be on our knees in prayer now.”


For information about GFA World’s prayer effort for the suffering people of Afghanistan, please visit this website:




GFA World ( is a leading faith-based global mission agency, helping national workers bring vital assistance and spiritual hope to millions across the world, especially in Asia and Africa, and sharing the love of God. In GFA World’s latest yearly report, this included thousands of community development projects that benefit downtrodden families and their children, free medical camps conducted in more than 1,200 villages and remote communities, over 4,800 clean water wells drilled, over 12,000 water filters installed, income-generating Christmas gifts for more than 260,000 needy families, and teaching providing hope and encouragement available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry. GFA World has launched programs in Africa, starting with compassion projects in Rwanda. For all the latest news, visit our Press Room at

PHOTO CUTLINE: PRAY FOR AFGHANISTAN ‘THEATRE OF FEAR’: GFA World ( is calling on Christians in the West not to carry on “like normal” while people in Afghanistan face terror, rape, and execution. “We need to be on our knees in prayer now,” says K.P. Yohannan, the mission organisation’s founder. Join GFA World’s prayer effort for Afghanistan:

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Australia-based compassion ministry urges people to ‘be on our knees’ for Afghanistan




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