Monday, September 6th, 2021 - Corporate Business Direct (CBD)

Following the lead of Telstra, which became carbon neutral in 2020, Corporate Business Direct (CBD), a North Perth business, has become Australia’s first carbon neutral Telstra Business Partner.

Corporate Business Direct (CBD) has been a Telstra Business & Enterprise Specialist Partner since 2010 and is a highly specialised in the areas of mobiles, voice and data.

To achieve carbon neutral status for 2020, CBD worked with business sustainability management consultants, Practice Capital, and was accredited by Carbon Neutral, the longest standing carbon offset providers in Australia.

CBD invested in carbon offsets in a West Australian project with Carbon Neutral’s Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, the first project in Australia to achieve premium Gold Standard certification. The Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, above Geraldton WA, is a high impact reforestation project that simultaneously delivers environmental, economic, social and heritage co-benefits.

“We are very proud of this achievement,” said Dino Sheref, CEO of CBD, “And it has been a long time coming. We have implemented a carbon reduction program to decrease our emissions and have used the CISL Targeting Net Zero Framework to embed world’s best practice when it comes to embedding sustainable practices in our business. Now, we are not only saving money on our energy use, but our staff and customers are very positive about the changes we have made to become part of the solution as a responsible business. This can only translate to better business outcomes.”

The recognition comes on the back of years of green practices at CBD, including paper recycling and good efficiency practices, such as simply turning off unused lights and equipment, and supporting Mobile Muster.

Now, the business has upgraded their lighting to LEDs and is going solar to further reduce their energy costs.

CBD’s efforts in becoming carbon neutral goes to show that we all can, and should, be doing our part in addressing emissions and introducing sustainable practices in our businesses, not just the big corporates, most of whom are already setting net zero-carbon pathways.

This is especially the case after the IPCC released a sobering report on the state of the planet in the last few weeks, which promotes a swift end to the release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.


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Corporate Business Direct (CBD)

Corporate Business Direct (CBD) has been a Telstra Business & Enterprise Specialist Partner since 2010. CBD is proud to have been recognised as the WA Telstra Business Dealer of 2012/13 being for excellence in sales and service.

CBD is a three tick Telstra Accredited partner which means we are highly specialised in the areas of mobiles, voice and data. The team has worked tirelessly to earn this accreditation, highlighting our commitment to excellence.

Dino Sheref
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Corporate Business Direct (CBD), Australia’s first carbon neutral Telstra Business Partner



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