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Sydney based company ‘The Good Wine Club’ is on a mission to deliver exciting home experiences while celebrating Aussie wine. With many Australians isolated at home, glued to their screens, this idea comes like a breath of fresh air. The idea is super simple – a book, two bottles of wine from a boutique Australian wine producer, delivered to your door. All you have to do is cosy up on the couch, turn off all the tech and plug yourself into a wonderful book and a stellar drop. The new Book + Wine Club subscription is not only the latest cathartic ritual to help Australians retain calm during the pandemic, but it is helping many find peace and fulfilment.


The Book + Wine Club subscription was created to help Australians manage burnout and digital fatigue by giving customers an outlet to disconnect from their technology and focus on a non-digital at home experience. With an overload of digital saturation and with many home bound, the need for wholesome home entertainment has drastically increased. People are craving something different, and they are tired of their screens. The subscription meets this demand whilst allowing customers to ritually disconnect completely from their technology and plug into a captivating book and artisan wine.  

The team at The Good Wine Club feel as simple as the idea sounds, the Book + Wine Club is a way of establishing a cathartic connection with oneself. Reading a physical book almost feels nostalgic in a sense and some customers are seeking to rebel from the digital stage as they would rather sit with a book and a glass of wine for a few hours. The anticipation of receiving a delivery to discover a new winemaker and book is as thrilling as turning off your phone for a few hours to spend quality time with yourself.


Every customer will receive something new and exciting on every delivery. Subscriptions come with two bottles of wine from a boutique Australian winemaker along with a book of your choice. You can choose between a variety of wine styles and reading genres to suit all types. Perfect for all readers fast and slow - you can choose a delivery every month, every second month or every third month.

The best news of all is the subscription is designed to suit everyone 18 years of age or older.  The Book + Wine Club is super inclusive – male, female, young adults to mature aged. You don’t necessarily have to be a book worm or a massive reader, the club has flexible packages to suit everyone’s taste. Subscriptions can be enjoyed on your own or you can sign up with a group of friends.


The Good Wine Club was founded by lawyer Christopher Carter and media producer Jim Moustakas. Madly passionate about wine, yet sick of the same favourites you find in the major chains, they both sought out to create a different wine club with a twist.

Founder Christopher Carter says, “The goal of The Good Wine Club is to deliver something exciting on every delivery. I see wine as an experience, and I believe our customers should see it as an experience too. Having lived through some level of burnout in my corporate background, I have learnt to appreciate the simple pleasures – and that’s what The Good Wine Club is about, enjoying and creating beautiful wine experiences at home whether it be through our book club or by pairing wines with beautiful homewares and specialities in our gift shop. We’re not just a wine club, we create experiences.”

Founder Jim Moustakas says, “Wine and food play a major role in my life. Being of Greek heritage, being born in Germany and migrating to Australia as a child, food and wine was and always will be ingrained in my culture. Times have changed from the days when I was picked on as a kid for bringing a lunch box full of breads, cured meats, cheese and olives to the school yard. Today, I can proudly say my traditions are celebrated by everyone! Every product we stock has been sourced from high quality makers and producers – something that I would celebrate in my own home, in my food and wine tradition, and I am proud to share this with our community of food and wine lovers.”


The Good Wine Club is an independent online national wine club with a focus on delivering exciting at home experiences through interesting Australian wines. You will find handpicked regional style favourites and premium wines at affordable prices. Customers can shop from a range of Wine Club packages to Book + Wine subscriptions. Our gift shop stocks a range of artisan products from glassware to hand made wine accessories to complement the home experience.

The Book + Wine Club subscription is now available at The Good Wine Club along with many other Wine Club subscriptions from quality Australian winemakers.

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The Good Wine Club

Our mission is to share wine stories, make wine more inclusive and to provide our customers with a more pleasurable at home wine experience. We believe in offering an exciting range of Australian wines from unique, interesting, and quality producers at reasonable prices through our Wine Club.

We aren’t apart of the major chains, we don’t sell heavy discounted cases, and don’t have an elusive algorithm that predicts preferences – we use our tastebuds! We don’t believe in hard rules when it comes to wine, and we think it should bring us together no matter if you’re a rookie or a sommelier – so don’t be intimidated, enjoy a different variety every month. 

Christopher Carter
P: 0290719654

The Good Wine Club

Jim Moustakas
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The Good Wine Club launches Australia’s first book and wine club subscription during the pandemic.




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