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You are in lockdown and you can’t see your dad this father’s day.


You could buy him another pair of socks. Or could you could completely surprise him with a book written by you about him!

Lotus Love Press, a Sydney based design studio, have created “Love Books”. These are fill-in-the-blank books where you get to let your dad know just how much you love him.

"What I Love About Dad" has 25 prompts you can easily fill out between ordering more toilet paper and keeping up with the hotspots.

You can make it funny, for the prompt “I love how you never get tired” you could write “complaining about the neighbours“. Or loving, for “Thank you for teaching me” you could write “to always see the good in people”.

Whatever you write will ultimately touch your dad’s heart strings and certainly bring a smile to his face, if not a tear!

So this Father’s Day, don’t visit your dad, just sit back and enjoy the praise for being a thoughtful son or daughter, and get more brownie points than your sibling!

Available now on Amazon. Printed in Australia.


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