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Covid has added fuel to the already burning flame of everyday busy life in Australia. It is a busy time for everyone, and we have seen statistics show that it is particularly stressful for women. This is because there are so many demands on our time, responsibilities to juggle, and distractions that can pull us off the path to health. But if we take some time to slow down internally before taking care of the external aspects of life - like diet, exercise and sleep - we might be surprised at how much better we feel during Covid! 


Dr Renuka Balasubramaniam runs a Women's Health Clinic at ASFB in Geelong and Warrnambool Victoria. This female-focused provider's holistic approach is radically different from the health standard, with 1-hour consultations with a fully integrative approach to medicine, primary care, and complex cases. Here are her top tips you can do immediately to help improve your health and wellbeing. 


The first key to a healthy life during Covid is a calm mind, and the next tonic is sleep. The third key - which often determines how well we can sleep and feel balanced - is the diet and exercise combo. All of these work symbiotically with each other!


Self-care is key for women in general, but especially now. Women are often juggling many responsibilities and demands on their time - it's hard enough just trying to maintain balance without remembering to take care of ourselves too!


Start from within. A clean, uncluttered mind is a good foundation. The world is a busy place; the Covid world is stress filled, so look at a calm, uncluttered mind to begin. The internal is so important. 


How can we achieve this?


Mindfulness, meditation, relaxing a bit of self-pampering is really positive for women. Mindfulness is the key to living your best life. It's about being present at the moment with an open mind and heart. And it can help you feel more at peace with yourself and others around you too. The benefits include better sleep quality, increased focus, reduced stress levels, improved self-esteem and confidence.  


It's not about being perfect, but rather about accepting your thoughts and feelings as they are in this moment. You don't need to be stressed out all the time! Instead, take time for yourself with mindfulness meditation, and self-care rituals that will help you feel refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on anything life throws at you.


Make sure what you put into your body is good quality clean food. The occasional splurge is okay, but the majority of what goes in needs to be clean food. The food that we eat has a huge impact on our health, mood and energy levels. It's also one of the easiest things to change in our lives for better or worse. So making small changes now will lead to big results later on down the line! 


Introducing exercise into your everyday routine might be walking to work, taking the stairs, organizing a walk with a friend, or when restrictions allow you to go to a pilates or yoga class. There are many ways to get moving – you don't need an expensive gym membership or fancy equipment. All you need is some creativity and determination to make exercise a regular part of your life.


Make sure your fluid intake is right! Water is essential for the body to function properly. It helps maintain a healthy weight, regulates blood pressure and temperature, aids in digestion and protects against kidney stones. Yet many women don't drink enough of it each day.


I tell my patients that the little luxuries we can do daily can make a real difference to how we feel. 


Focus on what you can do, not what you can't do. 


Prevention in health and futureproofing your body and mind, taking the time to look after yourself and monitor your health closely as a positive self-care investment rather than a worry. 


How do I make an appointment?

The women's health clinic is a private service, the reception team at ASFB can provide fee information upon booking your initial appointment or making an enquiry. Medicare rebates are available.

No referral is necessary to see Dr Renuka. You can book a Women's Health and Wellbeing session with Dr Renuka by calling Geelong t: 03 521 8444 or Warrnambool t: 5562 5161


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