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With an approach to the kind of beauty that honors the health & wellness of people and the planet, LAMAV, Australia's first and largest Certified Organic Skincare line, is excited to announce its expansion to the United States.

LAMAV is expanding its visual identity and mission that is Inspired by Nature and Elevated by Science to the US. Built on the pillar of forward-thinking products rooted in nature’s innate healing power, LAMAV combines the healing properties found in nature's finest ingredients with advancements in modern science to create truly effective organic skin products that are free from harsh chemicals. 

"At LAMAV, we are committed to building a brand with a conscience, '' says Dr. Tarj Mavi, founder of LAMAV. We embrace a holistic view of health, beauty, and wellbeing and it is our mission to use science to develop formulas that provide a luxurious experience and deliver optimal results for your skin. We place great weight on the importance of ethically sourcing our natural ingredients, supporting local communities, and using processes that are as friendly to our bodies as they are to our environment."

As Australia’s first Certified Organic anti-aging skincare range, LAMAV also remains devoted to delivering and raising awareness for the significance of using ethical, sustainable, and organic beauty products. And while the brand is expanding, Tarj’s vision to inspire women and elevate their daily self-care ritual with skincare products that work synergistically to refresh, rejuvenate and restore balance to their skin remains steadfast. 

 The LAMAV product range is the next evolution of natural skincare, bridging the gap between a product that is natural, environmentally conscious, accessible; and a product that is clinically proven to deliver results. This certified organic skincare brand is making waves in the world of wellness, health, and beauty.

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LAMAV Organic Skin Science was created by Dr. Tarj Mavi (Founder and CEO) after working in the research and development field for over 25 years combining ancient natural wisdom and modern science to unveil natural inherent beauty. Founded in 2008, LAMAV has become Australia's first and largest brand with a certified organic and anti-aging skincare range.

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