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On the back of the defection of Campbell Newman and John Ruddick, former S.A Liberal Party Member, Branch President, and delegate of the Liberal State Council Darren Hassan, has resigned from the Liberal Party after ten years.


Hassan, an Army Veteran, who featured in the 2011 SBS documentary ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’, garnered national attention as a staunch supporter of controlled immigration and remains a controversial figure on the topic across social media outlets. Hassan’s resignation comes as disaffected Liberals continue to defect to join alternative parties.


On why he resigned from the Party, Hassan strongly stated the toxicity of the party culture and a conflict of consciousness with the movement of the Liberal Party ‘towards progressive politics’.


“That the Prime Minister has kept Australians from returning to their own country whilst locking the remainder of us in; and even the suggestion of mandatory vaccines, vaccine passports, and the erosion of basic freedoms, was the final catalyst for leaving.”


On his choice of the Liberal Democrats, he considered them “the only sensible party offering more freedoms, not less. It’s about time Australians understood that we need to stand up and allow individuals the right to make their own choices and to accept responsibility for their consequences. As a general rule, we all make better decisions for ourselves than government. In particular, we’re more than capable of making decisions regarding our children and their health.”


It appears that Mr Hassan defection may just be the tip of the iceberg in South Australia. Upon his appointment of President, Hassan and the state Liberal Democrat Executive have since been in close talks with other disaffected Liberal Party members who are expressing overwhelming dissatisfaction with the direction of the party, fuelling more rumours other members are expected to join the exodus and join the Liberal Democrats Party.



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