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During lockdowns, adults can easily become bored of sitting at home and doing mostly, nothing. Which many are only experiencing for the first time, having had a busy working life since they can remember. And one can only watch sitcom, reality TV or the Olympics games for so long, before they get tired of same people, story, narrative, venue etc.

 So how do you effectively deal with “lockdown boredom”? My answer: A GOOD BOOK ????.

A good book can stimulate positive emotion that’ll help you relax and make you feel good, but the benefit of reading a good book goes beyond an upbeat feeling. It can inspire you to action. Because people get motivated by what they see or hear, hence the need to pass your constructively.

While many are understandably focused on income, jobs, jabs, freedom, it is also important that we take care of our mental state, as this holds the keys to recovery from this devastating period. This is where a good read will come in handy. Reading is a great tool in fighting anxiety and persisting depressing thoughts. By channelling your mind to attaining positive words, (by virtue of reading) you give yourself the opportunity to drown out negative thoughts, retaining your sanity. Thus read a book.

A local  author's (Brisbane, Australian) online bookstore can help with this quest. There, you can find powerful motivational books on Faith, philosophy, positive lifestyle, marital and relationship bliss, career objectives, community obligations and lots more. These books will stimulate your thoughts and encourage your actions, to enable you achieve a desirable result in your furture endeavours. Also, available is, a fiction (murder mystery) book. So jump online now, to the address below and gift yourself some real dose of positivity.

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