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The National Folk Festival will receive $900k in grant funding over two years as part of the Federal Governments RISE initiative relief package for the arts industry in grants to provide capital for festivals, concerts, tours and events.

The National Folk Festival (NFF) originated in Melbourne in 1967, from1969 the NFF was held in various states in city and regional venues until 1992, when the festival moved to its permanent home, Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC).

“The festival has been self-funded for a number of years; we were on our last reserves as a result of the cancellation of the festivals in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The arts and entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic, this grant will enable us to move ahead with our plans for the National Folk Festival in 2022”, said Lynne O’Brien, Managing Director of the National Folk Festival.

“We are just so relieved and extremely grateful to receive this funding lifeline from the Government, now we can begin the national call out for volunteers, artists, contributors and supporters of the festival. We can’t wait to welcome people home to the National Folk festival.” she said.

Multiple ARIA winner and esteemed artist Katie Noonan joined the National Folk Festival as artistic director in February of this year. The singer-songwriter will present the festival in 2022, marking the 30th year for the event in Canberra.

“The festival is more than an annual music event; it’s about celebrating community, coming together of our chosen family and the perpetuation of folk culture. The festival provides the arts and broader community, volunteers, and artists with an annual meeting place to share stories, experiences, and reunite with our tribe.

“It has been very hard for institutions across the arts and entertainment industry to plan future events when we have no foresight of where we might be next year. The RISE grant will allow us to move forward with our vision for the National Folk Festival in 2022 and provides us with additional funding to develop the business practices and processes we require to ensure the festival is COVID safe and complies with all of the regulatory health requirements mandated on all outdoor settings and events.” Lynne said.

The festival runs in Canberra over the Easter weekend hosting over 100 concerts, numerous street and circus performances, workshops on making, playing, and repairing musical instruments, a magical kid’s program, visual arts, storytelling, poetry, and dance workshops. There are craft stalls, food vendors and themed bars with dedicated dining areas.

Updates, announcements and the program of events for the National Folk Festival in the lead up to the event in 2022 will be available on the National Folk Festival Facebook page.

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