Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021 - Kick It To Me

Winning an Instagram competition proved to be the catalyst for transforming Adelaide-based photographer Sue McKay from amateur to professional. In just four years Sue has gone from shooting local footy to presenting for Nikon School Australia. This Tuesday Sue tells her story in Nikon’s Behind The Lens series, an online workshop providing insight to the work of some of Australia’s expert photographers.

“Back in 2017 I won a competition to shoot the Socceroos friendly v Saudi Arabia from the sidelines”, said Sue. “Nikon Ambassador and ten times Olympics photographer Delly Carr was on hand to provide tips and I got to try some of Nikon’s professional DSLR camera bodies and lenses. Not only was that a dream come true, but the images I captured that night opened doors for other exciting ventures including my ultimate, shooting for the AFL.”

As a female working in a predominantly male-dominated industry, Sue says she never felt out of place as she strived to further her career. “If anything, I found everyone I encountered to be welcoming, encouraging, and generous in sharing their knowledge. This no doubt helped me take the steps to progress and I’ll be touching on that during my presentation with Nikon”.

Nikon Australia is a sponsor of Sue’s South Australian Living Artists (SALA) Festival exhibition Here Comes the Sun. The joint exhibit with friend and painter Nella De Pizzol conveys the artists’ interpretation of The Beatles song. Eleven works will be on display at Martini On The Parade until 29 August.

Sue, a professional sports, birth and lifestyle photographer has incorporated her vision and inspiration behind the exhibition into a video accompaniment. The full video and all artwork is available to view online at Sue’s website www.suemckay.com/sala2021.

Sue’s exhibition works will be featured in Nikon’s Behind The Lens series on 3 August. Registrations via the link.

Behind the Lens | Sue McKay Tickets, Tue 03/08/2021 at 6:30 pm | Eventbrite


A Press Kit for the exhibition is available via website https://www.suemckay.com/sala2021

For more information contact artist (photographer) Sue McKay: Phone 0438 204 074. Email [email protected]



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Sue McKay is a professional sports, birth and lifestyle photographer whose work is being featured in Nikon Australia School's Behind The Lens Series Tuesday 3 August.



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