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The online equestrian marketplace "The Equestrian" has now launched in Australia with over 2000 products listed across mutliple categories, and 1000's more in the pipeline. The online marketplace provides a portal for equestrian retailers with an online store to list their products seamlessley, while gaining exposure to a larger equestrian audience. 

The marketplace also allow private sellers to list new and used horse gear, transport, horse classifieds, and property listings, free of charge.

The Equestrian brings online equestrian retailers and customers together, in one marketplace.

Co-founder, Jono Farrington commented, 

'as with most industries, the online equestrian space has grown significnalty during the last 2 years. Existing online retailers are looking for growth, and bricks and mortar saddlery and fodder stores are looking to move more transactions online. The Equestrian provides a portal that brings all sellers and brands together for retailers, private sellers, and customers.

Sellers can put their products infront of a vast equestrian related audience, and customers have the opportunity to browse and purchase products in the one online makrepltace. It's a win win for sellers and customers'

Experience In The Equestrian Market

The Equestrian was founded in late 2020, with a plan to build the largest equestrian marketplace in Australia. The development of the site has taken close to 6 months, and launched in early July, 2021. The uptake of sellers accounts and traffic to the site has been significant.

Founded by 3 Australian's with vast experience in the equestrian retail, online and manufacturing sectors, the foundation is set for strong growth. It is expected the marketplace to grow significantly over the next 6 months as more sellers and products are listed, along with private sellers adverts and classified listings. Furture plans potentially include expansion into international markets.

Ambassadors For The Equestrian

The first ambassdors for The Equestrian are Australian Olympian James Patterson-Robinson and Sarah Duggan of JPR Equestrian. 

"we are excited to bring James and Sarah of JPR Equestrian onboard as our first ambaasadors. Their combined international competition experpeince and well respected training and coaching business, aligns with our values. We look forward to a productive relationship with JPR Equestrian"

James Patteson Robinson represented Australia at the 2010 World Equestrian Games (WEG) in Lexington on Niack de l’Abbaye, the 2012 London Olympics with Lanosso, the 2014 WEG with Boris III and the 2016 Rio Olympics with Amarillo. Sarah is a Grand Prix competitor and coach and runs JPR Equestrian with James.



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The Equestrian

The Equestrian is an online marketplace bringing equestrian retailers, sellers and customers together in one world class marketplace.

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