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Cool & Secure, the leading installer of smart home systems in Australia, specifically on the Sunshine Coast, reports that more and more Australians are choosing smart homes for living more comfortably and conveniently. 

A smart home system allows homeowners to experience daily convenience at just a simple touch of a button through an in-house control system or through the software applications installed in mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablet computers. 

Many smart home solutions include controlling a network of household functions online - allowing anyone who has authorised control to manage the system from any room in the house and even remotely, or outside the home. 

The smart home QLD-based installer, Cool & Secure, said that smart home systems were created due to the heaps of pressures many of us face in this fast-paced world. 

“Imagine these scenarios: you’re at a restaurant and decide to turn on the heating in your house from your phone, so the temperature is perfect upon your arrival. Or you may switch on the lights remotely to make sure your family [isn't] coming home to a dark house that may feel unsafe. It’s even possible to check the expiry dates of perishables, without opening the fridge - a handy trick if you’re shopping and need to take stock of what you have, so you don’t buy more than what you need.” Cool & Secure stated on their website. 

Apparently, many Australians see smart homes to be a huge investment when it comes to making their lives easier, more efficient and comfortable. 

Roby Fish, a resident in the Sunshine Coast, was very thankful that they decided to install their smart home system even though they are not tech-savvy people. 

“Cool & Secure installed our [system] to make it a smart home, and it’s made our life really convenient. We aren’t actually a tech-savvy family, but we don’t need to be. Because not only the electronics and the lights [are] operated by our voices, but we can still use the switches manually or via the app and now things are really convenient and my coffee is always made on time.” She said in an interview. 

Jack Hockley, a family man working in Queensland, said that their smart home system saves them time and energy from doing daily mundane tasks. 

“Having a smart home works for me because it does [necessary tasks every day] that nobody really wants to do. I often work late and I have a long drive home, so walking into darker stuff [in our house], it’s not just comfortable, but now Cool & Secure has installed my smart home - I can come home, it’s cool, I can make dinner, I can relax, and I can do the things that I wanna do.” He said in a testimonial. 

Benefits of Smart Homes for Living

house temperature controlled by a smart home system on an app in a tablet computer

Besides allowing any authorised user to control the locks, appliances, aircon, and lights among many other functions in the house, smart home systems allow homeowners to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Set up a minimal activity system in different rooms in the house to reduce power usage and save on energy bills. 
  • Use voice recognition control, not just on lights but also on home entertainment appliances, such as television sets. 
  • Monitor the ice cubes in the fridge using your smartphone. 
  • Control the intensity of light bulbs depending on the natural light that is coming in inside the house. 
  • Remotely schedule or control household functions, such as the lights, heating and cooling systems, and coffee machines even though the authorised user is not at home. 
  • Improve home security by setting up smart cameras that can be accessed remotely - very useful for homeowners who are often away from their houses. 
  • Use a smart surveillance system to watch over elderly parents, children, or pets left alone at home. 
  • Prevent fires or power outages by setting up the appliances to automatically turn off in cases of a power surge. 
  • Answer the door and be able to let in or deny any visitor even though no one is in the house. 
  • Set up a sequence that lets the lights turn on and doors unlock automatically as an authorised user approaches from outside the house. 
  • Schedule the meals of pets by installing smart feeders that can be connected to the internet. 
  • Automate watering house plants and lawns. 
  • Remotely cook food using the app on mobile devices. 

“Although you may often control one appliance or device at a time, it’s also possible to manage multiple functions simultaneously or even create sequences that involve various steps. For example, you could program a routine that dims the lights, closes the front gate and turns on classical music to help you relax before you sleep by simply saying “good night.” The possibilities are endless.” Cool & Secure stated on their website. 

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Cool & Secure, the leading installer of smart home systems in Australia, specifically on the Sunshine Coast, reports that more and more Australians are choosing smart homes for living more comfortably and conveniently.




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