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Complexica Pty Ltd, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for supply & demand optimisation, announced today that it has signed a contract with Flinders Port Holdings (FPH) for the deployment of Complexica's award-winning Artificial Intelligence engine –Larry, the Digital Analyst® . FPH will use the engineto assist with optimising yard operations at the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal (FACT) at Outer Harbor. The primary objective of the software deployment will be to optimise the movement and handling of containers arriving or departing from the yard by vessel, train, and truck, as well as the movement of containers within the yard and their allocation to straddles.

“We have selected one of Australia’s leading Artificial Intelligence software companies for this important project to maximise the efficiency and capacity of our yard operations at FACT”, said Keith Halifax, Chief Financial Officer of FPH. “The use of Complexica’s Artificial Intelligence software will allow the port to run a 24/7 optimisation process that will dynamically improve container movements and handling, leading to increased throughput in the port."

The software project kicked off earlier this month and has a planned go-live date later this year. Complexica’s Artificial Intelligence engine – Larry, the Digital Analyst® – will be integrated with Flinders Ports’ Terminal Operating System to run a continuous optimisation process 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. The software will consider a number of business rules and constraints that include container attributes, yard constraints, and truck/train/vessel service times, in order to minimise the number of non-productive container moves as well as double-handling.

 “We look forward to working with the team at FPH to improve the operational and efficiency metrics of South Australia’s largest port through the application of our Artificial Intelligence technology,” said Matt Michalewicz, Managing Director of Complexica. “This project continues our drive into complex supply chains and logistics-centric operations, where advanced optimisation and machine learning algorithms can unlock value through improved decision making.”

Flinders Port Holdings is South Australia’s leading port and logistics services group with seven ports located at Port Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Port Pirie, Thevenard, Port Giles, Wallaroo and Klein Point. Other companies in the Flinders Port Holdings group include Flinders Logistics,Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal and Flinders Warehousing and Distribution. For more information, please visit

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Complexica is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software applications that can optimise sales, marketing, and supply chain decisions, particularly for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers characterised by a large SKU range and long tail of customers.  We were founded upon the research of several world-renowned computer scientists, and have commercialised an award-winning Artificial Intelligence platform called Larry, the Digital Analyst® which powers our enterprise software applicationsFor more information about Complexica, please visit:

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Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal to Benefit from Award-winning Artificial Intelligence Technology




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