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TOOWOOMBA, Qld -- GFA World ( -- one of the world’s largest humanitarian agencies -- is sending oxygen equipment and supplies to help people fighting for breath amid India’s devastating second wave of COVID-19.vcsPRAsset_3621317_216701_66810375-ec35-4a97-929b-0702ba38b732_0.png


The organisation is readying the first shipment of lifesaving medical supplies as India remains in the grip of a worsening crisis. Demand for oxygen has increased sevenfold since last month. Reports say two people are dying of COVID-19 every single minute in India -- gasping for air as oxygen and equipment runs out at hospitals across the nation.


“We cannot stand by and watch thousands suffer and die, gasping for breath,” said GFA World Founder K.P. Yohannan, as the nation’s official COVID-19 death toll approaches 250,000. “India is literally suffocating to death. I’ve never seen anything that compares with this tsunami of suffering.”


‘Third Wave’ of Compassion

Along with other organisations, GFA World is “helping launch a ‘third wave’ of compassion, prayer and humanitarian aid to India,” said Yohannan, as the agency announced efforts to ship oxygen equipment as quickly as possible.


The organisation is partnering with indigenous local hospitals in Southwest India to get aid to those suffering.


“We’ve been serving the poor in Asia for more than 40 years and we’re able to get help fast to those who need it the most,” Yohannan said. “The government of India is doing all it can to help us and other organisations bring urgent relief right now.”


The U.S. State Department has urged all Americans in India to leave the country immediately as the nation of nearly 1.4 billion people continues to shatter global records for new daily COVID infections. A deadly new ‘double mutant’ variant in India is also raising alarm.


Dying in the Streets

“We’re all weary of the pandemic and ready for it to end, but we cannot forget those in the thick of the battle right now,” Yohannan said. “Seeing people dying in the streets in India -- and suffering elsewhere in Asia and Africa -- surely must move us to show God’s love through compassion and action.”


GFA World has set up a way for companies and individuals to donate urgently needed medical equipment and supplies in support of the agency’s COVID relief efforts. Those interested in donating equipment and supplies can visit and email [email protected]




GFA World ( is a leading faith-based global mission agency, helping national workers bring vital assistance and spiritual hope to millions across the world, and sharing the love of God. In GFA World’s latest yearly report, this included thousands of community development projects that benefit downtrodden families and their children, free medical camps conducted in more than 1,200 villages and remote communities, over 4,800 clean water wells drilled, over 12,000 water filters installed, income-generating Christmas gifts for more than 260,000 needy families, and teaching providing hope and encouragement available in 110 languages in 14 nations through radio ministry. GFA World expects to launch programs in numerous African nations, starting with compassion projects in Rwanda. For all the latest news, visit our Press Room at


PHOTO CUTLINE: FIGHTING FOR BREATH: GFA World ( -- one of the world’s largest humanitarian agencies -- is sending lifesaving oxygen equipment and other vital supplies to help people fighting for breath amid India’s devastating second wave of COVID-19. People can support the agency’s COVID-19 relief efforts by going to its website (

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Australia-based organisation readies lifesaving aid shipment, someone in India dies of COVID-19 every 30 seconds




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