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[SYDNEY, NSW, May 9th 2021] The last 12 months have forced women to juggle more than they ever have.  From Covid isolation, to homeschooling their children, to major work changes, the stress has had a real physical and mental impact.


Mindset and Lifestyle mentor Naomi Dyer has written a new book to help women everywhere reboot their lives and Start Living - from Frazzled to Fabulous.


"My goal with the book was to take the lessons of our lives interruptions, disappointments, and catastrophes - like this pandemic - and find the lessons that can help us really start living" says Dyer.


Dyer is a mum, wife, daughter, global speaker, and successful network marketing business owner who survived a horrific battle with cancer, and ‘botched’ operation, that resulted in this then professional singer losing that gift, and having to learn to sip water from a spoon. 


Start Living - from Frazzled to Fabulous, Dyer’s new book is a step-by-step reboot guide for overwhelmed mums and busy career women to have that defining moment, to find themselves, reconnect with their dreams, and embrace a positive sassy mindset.   It will move them from feeling frazzled to fabulous and be the tool that will help them regain their identity, and live a happier, healthier life.   


With exercises to assist with that defining moment, through to the very tools the author has in her own home, even to how to handle the naysayers when you are creating your own business, that others may judge you on. 


“Through my own medical crises and lifetime tragedies, I found tools and techniques that I could use to help me manage emotions, to calm, to uplift, for sleep, for clean living, and ultimately ensure that everything I had in my path was positive and uplifting. It’s not easy when as mums and career women we are simply trying to do our best, and avoid mother guilt or the judgements of others.” 


Naomi Dyer empowers overwhelmed mums & busy career women through easy-to-follow information, advice, tips, techniques, and tools to regain clarity, rediscover their own identity and cultivate a happier healthier home. 




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Naomi Dyer

NAOMI DYER is a speaker, entrepreneur, author, and former corporate career woman turned mindset & lifestyle mentor, specialising in women’s wellness and self-care, and raising balanced children.   She has traveled the world speaking and sharing her experiences.  She is a cancer survivor and is passionate about educating and inspiring women to stop spinning through life, and start living in a happier, healthier home whilst being unapologetically them!   She lives in Sydney Australia with her husband and two daughters.  

Naomi Dyer
M: 0406995404
W: www.naomidyer.com.au


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