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Australian food brand Hoppa specialises in sustainable, nutritional cricket-powered superfoods

The ethical food company has been showcasing one of its customers, @nimfitt, banana bread recipe – which comes complete with a very interesting secret ingredient. The sweet potato and banana bread recipe is dairy-free, gluten-free, and is free from refined sugars. Unlike most recipes that you may have followed, it is built around a very special ingredient – crickets.

Full recipe here:


Despite what many people wrongly assume, crickets are sustainable, delicious, healthy, and safe to eat. They get through 12 times less feed than cattle and require much less water, land, and time, producing much fewer greenhouse gases than cattle. 80% of a cricket is edible, which means less waste is produced when we consume them. Crickets are also harvested in a much more humane way than cattle.


Insects including crickets are rich in healthy fats, calcium, zinc, and heme iron. Crickets contain more than 60% protein and are naturally enriched with all of the amino acids and Vitamin B12. It’s almost certain that you already consume a substantial number of insects – the average westerner gets through 1kg of insects each year. As insects can be milled into neutral-tasting powders, many consumers don’t even know they are there. Insect harvesting also allows many people in poorer countries to make a living. Many Michelin star restaurants serve up insects as part of their dishes. Insects are consumed by at least 2 billion people across the world.


Other key ingredients of this sweet potato and banana bread include a steamed and mashed sweet potato, chia eggs, apple sauce, honey, chocolate, and cinnamon. Customers can also find other interesting recipes including chocolate cricket cake, smoothies, muffins, pasta dishes, and more on the Hoppa website. Hoppa also offers other cricket-based superfoods such as high-protein pasta and protein powder. The team at Hoppa believes these superfoods can help “keep the world’s natural resources plentiful” whilst keeping people nourished. The company has received coverage from national and international media outlets. Hoppa currently offers free shipping across Australia on orders over $50.

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An ethical, Australian food brand producing sustainable and nutritional superfoods fueled by crickets.

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